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The bride wants to be absolutely every girl, even the one who insists that it is not. The only goal that unites the image of all brides is to be irresistible, to be in the center of everyone's attention and to create your perfect image of the bride. Especially since today to realize the wedding of your dreams there are many opportunities. 

Choose a wedding dress should be based on the features of the constitution of the body, features of growth, etc.
If the bride - the owner of the figure "hourglass", then she was very lucky, as she will suit almost any dress: with an open top, with sleeves, fitted, with a wide skirt, in general. Any option will be good, but the most winning look are the styles that emphasize the narrow waist, for example, the dress "Mermaid".

For girls with wide hips and narrow shoulders, the A-silhouette dress is ideal, or a dress with open shoulders, visually making the top wider.

Brides with broad shoulders and narrow hips, on the contrary, should choose an outfit that allows you to appear the top part already, and the bottom - wider. It is ideal dress with a skirt- semi-sun and high waist, as well as with a V-shaped neckline.

Wedding bouquet, hairstyle, shoes, dress and other accessories of the outfit should be combined with each other, creating a holistic picture. If the dress is cold shades, then the shoes and bouquet should be the same format: light blue, silver, white are perfect.

If, on the contrary, the bride's dress has a warm shade, then everything else should correspond. It can be ivory, peach, cream, pink. The versatile hue, suitable for any variant, is lilac color.

Picking up the hairstyle, pay attention to what your face shape. An experienced hairdresser knows how important it is to take this moment into account.

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When choosing your image, dress, accessories, the main thing is to observe the measure. I saw who's the wedding. The bride wore a bright red robe with rhinestones and huge earrings and necklaces. It looked vulgar

Thank you you are really helped me!

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