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Have you ever taken out a phone loan?
Where did you take it, can you share your experience of paying it off?

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Yeah, I took out a car loan for myself about 2 years ago.

My family and I were in a tough situation, we had just moved and needed a car for work and transportation.

But I paid it all off in the end, my job covered the loan after a while and even paid it off.

Only I always take the credit in one place, it is very important for me that the place where I take the credit was proven, I asked then to friends and they advised me.

There are really low-interest rates, especially if you plan to make such a big purchase, it is a great option.

I would certainly advise you to take out a loan only if you are confident in your abilities and will be able to pay back the loan.

Once I had to take out a loan to urgently pay off my debts for my apartment.
I paid it off successfully.

Many thanks, @Namibu69, for sharing your experience! Unfortunately, I don't understand people that take phones in loans. I mean, it's not a vital thing that a person could not live without it. Or, you can always buy a cheap phone, and I don't see why everyone should possess the last iPhone that costs like a car. When speaking of loans, mortgage loans always come to my mind because a house it's something more. It's a home where you live with your beloved ones. If you're interested in additional mortgage information, I suggest you contact Mortgage Advisor Leicester. They'll provide you with everything you need. Cheers!

I agree with this opinion that now it is already possible to take a loan, even without a credit history. You can vay where you can get a loan as simple as possible. Within 15 minutes you will already have your first credit history and at a minimum percentage of 8.9%. And vamo always offers the most favorable conditions that will suit anyone.


You will make money in real estate only if you invest in the right product at the right time and most importantly at the right location. There is no better investment then real estate. I personally made most of money in real estate.

You have not mentioned in which location you want to invest your money. Again most important thing how much you can invest to make maximum gain. I mostly invest in mumbai and bangalore. Now in 40 lacs I wont get any good apartment in mumbai or bangalore, only possibility is on the outskirts of both the cities which are as good as villages. Now infrastructure like mumbai will not come in these distant suburbs for another 50 years. So appreciation value of invested money is nothing even after few years.

Many entrepreneurs try to get rid of countless debts by filing for bankruptcy. This is a really effective method, but getting a bankruptcy petition in court is not so easy, but only if you do not contact the lawyers you can find by studying advocate debt relief bbb. They will help you get bankruptcy status. I hope my experience will be useful to someone!

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