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I have played AOT on voobly for 2-3 years. A while ago my game suddenly started crashing when I would start it. Whenever the game started, during the loading animation a black screen would appear which won't go away and would freeze there indefinitely. It didn't matter if I start it from the voobly client or manually, it would crash all the same. I thought it was a patch thing and some time passed and I haven't touched AOT for a while now. I am looking to get back but the problem still persists. I have tried reinstalling both the client and the game but still the same exact problem persists. Can anyone tell me what's the issue here?

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I have not had anything like this happen to me before, and I have been a Minecraft player for a very long time now. There could be a problem with the server that you are playing on. Maybe it is closed, or there is another problem that occurs when you try to start the game. I have been playing on Survival Minecraft servers for a few months, and I haven't really had any significant problems with the servers, so maybe you should just switch to playing survival on survival servers instead of playing creative. Your computer could be the problem if you try all of the things I mentioned before, but I can't help you in that case.

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What device are you playing on?

The problem may be in the video card of your PC. Devices are becoming obsolete, which is why they may not tolerate the high technical requirements of games. Something similar happened to my friend when he bought Cyberpunk and Stray. As soon as he updated his hardware, the game started working properly. I managed to play even on an old computer only in Minecraft, using the methods described on Thanks to flexible settings, you can set a low level of graphics and landscape rendering, allowing you to open servers even on weak hardware.

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