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Can I use VLC to trim or cut a long video? Sometimes your movie files may be too big to be sent, uploaded or shared. In this case, you can choose to split the long video into short clips or trim the video to remove unwanted part from the video.

VLC media player is a free and open source cross-platform multimedia player and framework. Like the Swiss Military Knife, VLC has plenty of useful tools. Except playing your videos and music, it can help you transfer media files from computer to mobile phone, stream media in your local network, record screen on computer and many more.

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Today, we will show you how it can help us edit and cut videos on computer.Note that VLC doesn’t support video cutting natively. We can however use it to record the video playback in the media player, thus extract any part from the source video as separate files.

In a related article, we demonstrated how to record Mac screen with VLC media player. You have to firstly display the Mac screen in VLC, then use its built-in recorder to record what is being displayed in the media player and thus record screen videos on Mac. To cut a video using VLC on Mac or Windows involves the similar process. We will use VLC Media Player on a Windows 10 computer and VLC on a Macbook in this demo. Cutting a video with VLC on PC or Mac is not intuitive. At the end of this post, we will also suggest more easier solutions to cut, trim or split long videos on computer.

Drag the playhead to the start point. Click the Frame by frame button in the Advanced Controls bar to move forward frame by frame to select the exact frame you want to start the cutting. Then click the A to B Loop button from the the Advanced Controls bar to set it as the Point A. Use the same method to select and set Point B. Now hit the Play button from the play control bar to start playing the movie and click Record button from the Advanced Controls to record the video playback. Hit the Record button again to stop recording at the end point (Point B).

VLC doesn’t have the native video cutter. The video recording feature is not designed to help users cut, trim or split movies or videos. If you want to trim a video part that lasts for an hour, you can’t wait in front of your computer for an hour just to cut the video. Of course, you can minimize the VLC player window during the recording process and come back to VLC later to stop the recording. It is tedious, not really user-friendly though.

We have just revealed how VLC trim video used to divide a video into smaller chunks. Hopefully, after finishing this post, you learn how to trim a video in VLC Media Player. We believe that the method of how to trim video in vlc with this wonderful video splitter can live up to your expectations and help boost your creativity.

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