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Hi all, my friends and I have been looking for an app to help us quickly find events or exhibitions but unfortunately we haven't found one. We decided to create our app, but we don't know if it will be popular.

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Hi, it's extremely difficult to find an app like this right now. Think well about the concept of your app. Which events your app will help search for. If you are planning to search for exhibitions then again think about what kind of exhibitions they are. Think about developing a viable product. Why is this important? The minimum viable product shows how realistic and profitable your idea is. This first form of a product helps you test your idea in practice and find faults if they exist. Undoubtedly, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. I highly recommend reading the article [

You have a very cool idea and if everything goes as you plan, you can expand the functionality of your app. A lot of people are looking for festivals, concerts. What if people find everything in one place? It's the bomb.

Well, so what's the main question? Is it worth making your own app? Or how to make it popular enough? Trust me, if you work properly, and promote it in the right way, any application can be popular. Basically, it's not about the applications. It's about any service and any product in the world. As soon as it's promoted and presented in the right way, people will feel like they need it. And, if you're wondering where to start, you have to build your app first of all, and one of the main questions you might have regarding it is the price. Well, you can read about it on Back when I started developing my app, this article helped me a lot.

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