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In the last few months I have started to have problems with sex. More precisely, in its quantity. I began to miss it, and it irritates mine. She does not show initiative herself, though she used to show it very often. The lover does not seem to exist. I did not find anything in contact or in my phone. At first I thought that I had stalled with her in everyday life and did not give her a variety, but after outings, new places and something new, the passion appears a little more, but not so all the same and for a few days. Yes, and you can see that she is bored. And I am quite comfortable. Gifts expensive (5-10 thousand) also do not give any result at all. Yesterday there was a new situation: she was almost naked near me, doing her business. I was shocked with excitement, walked up to her and pressed her to the wall, she immediately fell on me, with the words "Stop thinking about it all the time". Advise me on a solution.

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How do you stand this kind of attitude towards yourself.... Pack all your bags one day and go to your parents without an explanation and see how she scratches her head.(Or better yet, not to your parents so she can't find it.) Change your phone, delete yourself from everything and disappear completely. That would be really cool.
Before you move in, lower her profile and work on yourself. As soon as you feel empowered, get out. It will be her own fault and she will try to get you back and will provoke you into everything. Be stronger and send her away. What kind of wedding can you have with a girl like that...
I had a friend with a similar situation. Did everything he could. Gave her lingerie and all sorts of odsm things to keep her interested. I bought expensive gifts, made surprises, practically carried her in my arms. But what did it turn out to be? She was cheating on him the whole time and just taking advantage of him. So run away from her, buddy.

I think you should let this woman go. Unfortunately, relationships can come to an end and that is normal. In your situation, it is unlikely that anything can be fixed. I don't think any novelties are going to help.

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