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Woman Claiming That She Was Infected With FULL BLOWN AIDS From Rapper (Her Story Is FRIGHTENING)

A woman named Kecia Johnson – who is now an HIV activist – is telling her story on the website According to her, she was infected with HIV – and developed AIDS – after being infected by a HOUSTON RAPPER.

Here’s how she met and dated a “Houston rapper”:

At the time, I was a sophomore at Sam Houston State, planning to pledge Alpha Kappa Alpha and ride out my college experience. But, I was also at that point in life where I longed to have Prince Charming sweep me off my feet so we could live happily ever after. Admittedly, I felt that without this element of my life, I was incomplete. I was a broken, lost, and scattered soul – not at all prepared for what I was about to endure.

He was a well-known Houston area rapper. He was charming and well-connected and from the moment we met, we were inseparable. He introduced me to my first job in the music world as a promotions assistant and I eventually climbed the ladder and became a manager. Being around musicians wasn’t new to me. My father was a successful writer and I grew up around artists like Mint Condition and Prince. But the hip hop world was an entirely new beast, and I was completely submerged in it.

Our life was filled with power, sex, drugs, and strip clubs.

I got anything I wanted – designer clothes and shoes and entry into the hottest parties. I was rubbing elbows with the biggest names in music and the lifestyle pulled me in. So, when the cheating, lies, disrespect, emotional and mental abuse started, I had no exit plan because I constantly pacified the severity of our unhealthy relationship. Our relationship came to an abrupt end when I found out through a mutual acquaintance that he had impregnated another woman. That was the last straw and I finally left him.

She thought she dodged a bullet, by leaving him. But little did she know – she had the bullet INSIDE HER. Listen to how she found out she was ill:

A few months later, I passed out in the shower. When I woke up, the paramedics were doing their best to keep me conscious. After being released from the hospital that day, I went back home still not feeling like myself. I had chills so bad, I was shaking like a leaf. I had a fever of 105 and I felt as if my body was starting to leave earth, and I was powerless to stop it. I tried over-the-counter medicines to bring my fever down, but nothing worked.

Eventually, I was rushed back to the hospital where I fell into a partial coma.

Kecia was diagnosed with AIDS, and began taking medication. She’s doing much better now.

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Comment by Carib Girl on December 6, 2017 at 3:07am

So, yu mean to tell me, she abandoned her college studies for a useless rapper- she should know by now what a rappers' life is all about- I guess she wanted to get a taste of that side of life!- she said it herself, she could get anything she wanted, the world- well, see it now, she paying the price for that lifestyle- she could have had everything sayd way wid har college degree and meet a decent young man too- all that glitters is not gold!- drugs, strip clubs,????, wah kinda ting dat!

Comment by victoria stevenson on December 4, 2017 at 1:53pm
I have seen alot of ppl with hiv and full blown aids and i never saw some look as healthy with full blown aids as she do...she does not have full blown aids..are maybe thats a old pic...but anyway thats messed up...but whos the rapper...
Comment by Dominican bbw on December 3, 2017 at 10:54pm
Who is the rapper
Comment by GUNMAN ah Come on December 3, 2017 at 10:49pm
Alert: Name of Rapper/Fake Killa who infected this young lady.... Mr. 1stroke ( the village idiot). 1stroke jumped on it, tek 1 stroke and gave her AIDS.
Comment by No Matter on December 3, 2017 at 9:42pm

Wow drag women down. It takes two yes as a woman we can something trust easily, however; why men don't take responsibility for their actions.  I have been around men no matter from USA or Caribbean who take advantage of women. The bottle line age is also a factor if she is young and he is older shame on him and this is always the case. Young women are taken advantage of everyday. I mean why would any older man want a young woman let her be. Young guys look for younger women nowadays. This is getting out of hand. My advice she needs to discuss who he is, help others who are in the music business and if she cant stfu. Women are easy target and always the blame for everything starting from the bible until now.

Comment by El-Bull on December 3, 2017 at 9:28pm

michael , mr1stroke  women like her are mercenary lovers and pay the price for being so------you both know she will soon try to sue him if she hasn't already tried in order to try and strike it rich

Comment by mr1stroke on December 3, 2017 at 10:25am
michael you are making too much sense, that gold digger got caught up in her own world, as you can see this is the year of women who cant no longer get what they want are out there playing victims since some people are dumb enough without seeing the fraud theu are quick to feel sorry for them
Now as for your advice for the young girls i can guarantee you are wasting your time, theu want every thing quick and sued what they learn from home by sleeping around money now if you do your survey online and also every time you turn on the news girls as young as 14 are online selling ass sleeping with older men even older women or anything they can find for fast money and thats why they ending up missing all the time, its too late like right now, log on to any social media especially instangram young girls with message telling men what they will do or theu will do anything if they get an iphone X like seriously when those young girls walking with that phone do their single mothers question them? The answer is no tbats why they continue tbat behavior
Comment by michael on December 3, 2017 at 8:05am

After reading this article a couple of thoughts come my mind some of these young women like to hang around these places where so called famous entertainers party to make their catch, for easy and glamorous lifestyle I hear she talk about the expenses clothing and accessories she received including drugs and strip clubs, that after the cheating, lies and disrespect she still couldn't leave until she found out he got another girl pregnant, questions I'd like to ask was she faithful in the relationship knowing she was meeting other famous rappers, was she sexualy active before or after she met him? Does he arrear he's carrying the virus did she confronted about it what the other woman she says got pregnant for him this mother and baby is in danger also, my advice to these young women stay in school and focus on your education and stop running around looking for Mr Prineville charm to sweep you off your in a lifestyle of riches get the qualification you need in in school so that you can find a real decent job that make you a independent woman and stop seeking the shortcut to riches, most of the time you will end up disappointed.

Comment by carolyn johnson on December 3, 2017 at 7:08am
All that no name u should have said nothing
Comment by Mr. Johnson on December 3, 2017 at 4:29am
Whats his name?






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