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Libyan SLAVE MASTERS Are Now Livestreaming SICK VIDEOS Showing How They ‘PUNISH’ African SLAVES (Something HAS To Be Done)

Should Obama take some blame for slavery in Libya

There’s a very DISTURBING WEBSITE that popped up in the Middle East – where Libyan “slavers” are posting videos online.

The videos show the EVIL ARAB SLAVERS toruring their captives – for doing such MINOR offenses as talking back to their captors.

The situation in Libya is getting worse and worse – it may be time for the United States to STEP IN AND GET INVOLVED.


What we all can do to stop the Libyan slave trade

It’s the twenty-first century, and African migrants are being bought and sold by smugglers in Libya. Like Kunta Kinte, except it’s 2017.

Modern-day slavery is a reality in the North African nation, and sadly, the Obama administration must take its share of the blame for this. The Obama White House’s hand in getting rid of former Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi paved the way for lawlessness and corruption.

The images of open-air slave markets, where African refugees are peddled in slave markets by smugglers, sold at auction to the highest bidder, are horrifying and shocking to the conscience. Sub-Saharan Africans, chiefly from Cameroon, Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal, Sudan and Zambia, are being sold as field hands, held for ransom, sold into prostitution, raped, tortured and murdered.
Black people are merchandise, once again.

UN Secretary General António Guterres reacted with outrage, condemned the atrocities and called for action, as protests have erupted in Paris and other cities, and the hashtag #LibyansAgainstSlavery has caught hold on social media. How did this happen, and how did we get to this place?
Consider that Libya has become a failed state since Gaddafi was thrown out of power and killed, a casualty in a regime change orchestrated by the Obama administration. This is not to say Gaddafi wasn’t problematic, a strongman and a dictator, but the U.S. always likes their dictators in the Middle East, the Third World and elsewhere until they don’t.

In 2003, Gaddafi reached a deal with then-president Bush, where the Libyan strongman agreed to get rid of his weapons of mass destruction, and in exchange, the U.S. would not oust him. All bets were off in October 2011, when the U.S. and NATO-backed forces began bombing Libya and overthrew Gaddafi.

“We came, we saw, he died,” said then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who pushed for the regime change. This created a vacuum, which allowed ISIS to cross the country’s porous borders and gain a foothold. Armed militias—as many as 1,700 of them—looted Gaddafi’s arsenals, and now they’re running things. The basket case nation has competing parliaments and three rival governments. As a result, oil-rich Libya—which had free education and healthcare, was one of the most prosperous nations on the African continent—is looking like a lawless, failed state.

In the midst of civil war and chaos in Libya, the financial breakdown and security collapse, is the mass migration of people through Libya on their way to Europe via the Mediterranean. Libya is the primary conduit for African refugees making their way to Europe–fleeing poverty and civil war in their home countries–with 150,000 people making the journey each year for the past three years.

In the last four years, over 3,000 refugees and migrants have drowned in the Mediterranean. The trafficking of humans is a big business in this environment. These refugees pay gangs to smuggle them to Libya with hopes of a better life in Europe, and the smugglers sell them out. Robbed and thrown into unsupervised detention centers, as Al Jazeera reported, these Africans find themselves sold for as little as $400 a head.

America has a way of messing up things for other countries. Uncle Sam plotted to assassinate Patrice Lumumba, the leader of independence in the Congo. The CIA was involved in the overthrow of elected Chilean president Salvador Allende, who was replaced by dictator Augusto Pinochet. The U.S. helped in the coup to oust Premier Mohammed Mosaddeq in Iran and install the Shah. And after 9/11, Bush invaded Iraq and eliminated Saddam Hussein—although most of the World Trade Center terrorists were from Saudi Arabia—paving the way for ISIS.

There are complex reasons why Black people are being sold by slave traders in Libya. The Obama administration’s decision to depose Gadaffi is one of them, and we must face it.


Refugees and migrants wait on deck of the Spanish NGO Proactiva Open Arms rescue vessel Golfo Azzurro to disembark after being rescued off Libyan coast north of Sabratha, Libya. (Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images)

The disturbing cellphone camera footage released by CNN depicting slave auctions in Libya has rocked the world, and serves as a jarring reminder that slavery still exists in the 21stcentury. 

Experts estimate that 40 million people around the world are currently enslaved. The Global Estimates of Modern Slavery report released by the International Labor Office and the Walk Free Foundation, notes that 71 percent of the world’s enslaved people are women and girls. 

Forced labor, forced marriage, and sex trafficking are some of the ways modern slavery manifests. 

The Libya situation is one of the latest examples of said forced labor. Located on the Northern coast of Africa, Libya is a prime passageway for migrants and refugees fleeing their respective countries for the chance at a fresh start in Europe via an illegal (and often deadly) boat ride from the Libyan coast. 

Since the 2011 assassination of Muammar Gaddafi, lawlessness has further pervaded Libya and refugees have found themselves at the mercy of smugglers who sometimes take to enslaving their boat riders when passage to Europe is curtailed by international“>  

It is estimated that at least hundreds of thousands and possibly one million migrants and refugees are currently trapped in Libya, unable to get to Europe or back to their home countries. These are the people being sold in Libya’s slave markets. 

This occurrence is possible because some African countries are reeling from the ravages of colonialism, brutal dictators, unstable governments and, not to mention, many poor agricultural communities are often the most vulnerable to the devastations of climate change. There are a number of causal issues that need to be addressed in order to stop Libya’s slave trade, and Libya represents a small percentage of the world’s enslaved population.

Slavery is a despicable reality that is found in virtually every country. For the everyday person, confronting such an enormous problem is overwhelming. Fortunately, there are organizations filled with passionate experts who work hard everyday to dismantle slavery directly and/or address the root causes that allow slavery to flourish.

You don’t necessarily have to spend any more time or money on yet another cause, it’s a matter of redirecting what you already do. Below are some of organizations battling slavery and ways you can help beyond just donating money.

Flex Your Social Media Muscle

Maybe your pockets were a little light on #GivingTuesday and you couldn’t pass a few coins over to your favorite nonprofits. That’s OK! Sharing status updates and tweets about hardworking nonprofits is a practical and helpful gesture. The more exposure an organization gets, the more likely they’ll end up catching the interest of someone who has the resources they need to continue their work. While you’re retweeting the imagined playlist for the upcoming royal wedding reception, toss some RTs to a nonprofit or two. If you see something, share something.

Be a Responsible Consumer

Unless you’re a deep-pocketed board member for one of those giant global conglomerates, it’s unlikely that you have personally toured the facilities were some of the world’s favorite gadgets, clothes and shoes are made or the fields that produce the raw materials for the coffees, chocolates, and teas consumed everyday. However, some companies make a point to have environmentally and economically sustainable supply chains and/or they partner with organizations that do. Though this might not directly address slavery, it does address poverty, which is a major factor when it comes to forced labor. 

Creating a robust economic ecosystem in the (often poor) countries where so many consumable items are manufactured and harvested, means that those communities will have options and stability and not be as vulnerable to devastation that comes with deep poverty. Many organizations that work with corporations have logos that are easily spotted on packaging, so it just takes a glance to be a more responsible consumer. There are also companies that do explicitly work to keep forced labor out of their supply chains. Give them a shout too. 

Hold Trump and All Elected Officials Accountable

The Trump administration has been embarrassingly bombastic on a number of international issues including climate change, which disproportionally impacts economically disadvantaged people in rural areas—prime targets for the slave trade.  However, U.S. United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley seems to be on the right side of the slave trade issue. (Such a ridiculous 21st century statement, right?) The UN Security Council has called for an official investigation into Libyan slave trade. That is a step in the right direction, but vigilance is necessary. 

The U.S. is still a powerful voice in the world and our representation at the UN must accurately reflect the country’s priorities and moral compass. Contact the UN, the White House, and your elected representatives to make sure that the legislation and actions associated with ending the Libyan slave trade and addressing the underlying issues for the slave trade as a whole, are moving forward with all the necessary resources. Stay informed and stay vigilant.

Follow These Organizations:

Free the Slaves


Global Fund to End Modern Slavery 

The Project to End Human Trafficking

Purchase Sustainable Goods Certified by These Organizations:

Rainforest Alliance


Fair Trade

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