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Spice Went HAM On Nightly Fix Host In Tense Interview “S*c* Yo Mada” {VIDEO}

Spice Clears Up All Rumors Of Her Skin Bleaching And Talks Colorism {VIDEO} Spice and Naro

Spice went HAM on Nightly Fix co-host Naro during a tense interview at her Captured album launch.

The Love and Hip Hop Atlanta star hosted her mixtape launch party in Kingston on Wednesday and all hell broke loose when she sat down for an interview with Nightly Fix. Co-host of the podcast aired on YouTube, Naro, admitted to Spice that he has been critical of her on the show, and that’s when the interview went south.

“Why are you critical about me?” she asked Naro. “Is it because of my complexion? I am asking you if its because of the color of my skin why you’re more critical with me because I don’t see you doing it with nobody else. You feel I don’t know about Nightly Fix? People are talking about it that you live on my name Nightly Fix and you downplay me and you degrade me.”

In another segment of the interview, Spice told Naro to “s*c* yo mada.” “Anyway our conversation has expired so you can do me a favor… go s**k yuh mada,” she said while adding that she even hate the show that was on his feet.

“Since the video is already all over let me just take the time out to say this loud and clear,” Spice wrote. “Keep the same energy when your in front of my face . This dead dog slander my name and degrade me behind my back every night on his program. Never have nothing good to say about me yet, now he’s in my face him come a laugh.”


Vybz Kartel Went HAM On Wendy Williams Calls Her Out For Bleaching Her Skin The Queen of Dancehall, Spice recently released photos of her self with dramatically lighter skin. Rumors quickly swirled that she had succumbed to societal pressures to have lighter skin and decided to bleach like many Jamaicans and some artists have done in the past. Even daytime talk show host Wendy Williams criticized her and Vybz Kartel from bleaching their skin. Well, did she really bleach her skin? If so, why? Find out here in this exclusive interview:

The Queen of Dancehall, Spice recently released photos of her self with dramatically lighter skin. Rumors quickly swirled that she had succumbed to societal pressures to have lighter skin and decided to bleach like many Jamaicans and some artists have done in the past. Even daytime talk show host Wendy Williams criticized her and Vybz Kartel from bleaching their skin. Well, did she really bleach her skin? If so, why? Find out here in this exclusive interview:


Wendy Williams Shades Vybz Kartel Son & Spice Over Skin Bleaching {VIDEO} Vybz Kartel and Wendy Williams

Vybz Kartel went HAM on Wendy Williams calling her out for bleaching her skin.

Last week, Wendy Williams dedicated an entire segment on her show to bash Spice, Vybz Kartel, and his teenage son, for bleaching their skins. The incarcerated deejay offload on the talk show host on his Facebook page where he got his Gazanation fans to chime into troll her relentlessly. First, Kartel posted an infamous photo of Williams on a beach. You can recall that said photo went viral a few years ago forcing her to address it on her show.
Vybz Kartel sit down and concocted his best caption for that photo and posted it on his Facebook page. “Worry bout the Carpenter’s who nail up your thighs to your Chest and low people business,” he wrote. “Azz look like when concrete mix UNDA WATA…. DUTTY ANGELA .. Smfh mirror broke hon? A wah hold you fi use mi Hood box you up.”

Vybz Kartel has always been very vocal about his skin bleaching, but Spice managed to broke the internet when posted a new photo of herself with light skin. He is also alleging that Wendy Williams also bleached her skin while calling her a hypocrite. “Self hate she seh? DWBCL The Wendy Williams Show .. Why you bleaching shape out better than you HIP,” he wrote while posting a before and after photo.

Kartel, who is currently serving life in prison for murder, is now getting ready to drop his new album Exiled Pharoah on the airwaves. The TJ Records-produced project is due sometime in December.


Love and Hip Hop Star Spice Gets Backlash Over Skin Beaching Vybz Kartel Spice Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams shade Vybz Kartel, his teenage son, and Spice over skin bleaching.
Spice broke the internet earlier this week when she debuts a photo that suggested that she bleached her beautiful dark skin. Fortunately for all of us who are die-hard fans of the dancehall queen, it was a marketing ploy for her powerful new single “Black Hypocrisy.” Even after learning that she didn’t lighten her skin, Wendy Williams still went on her show the next day to drop some shade.
As for Vybz Kartel, it’s no secret that he has been bleaching his skin for well over a decade, and he has never been shy about it. Last week, Urban Islandz reported that Kartel’s teenage son, aka Likkle Vybz, is now bleaching his skin, and the incarcerated deejay fully supports it.

Right after Spice came out with the promo image for her new single “Black Hypocrisy,” Wendy Williams dedicated a whole segment of her show discussing the two dancehall hit-makers skin bleaching. “[Love and Hip Hop Atlanta] there is a girl on there her name is Spice, I don’t know who that is,” Wendy Williams said while elaborating that she doesn’t have a clue who the dancehall diva is. “They’re saying that she is bleaching her skin, but I do think that this is a publicity stunt because skin bleaching takes a really long time.”

Nevertheless, this is all good promotion for Spice and her new music because Wendy Williams is talking about her on her show which is being watched by millions of viewers in the United States and worldwide.

Williams then turned her attention to Vybz Kartel and his son, saying that they both use cake soap to bleach their skin. “Vybz Kartel is in jail, but he does admit to bleaching his skin, Vybz, he uses cake soap, they call it cake soap, and he uses it to bleach his skin, I guess that way you can get it all up in everywhere,” Williams said. The talk show host then turned her attention to Kartel’s teenage son who is now bleaching his skin. “That’s some serious self-hate mane, am sorry,” she continues.


[AUDIO + VIDEO] CARIBBEAN FEVER EXCLUSIVE: Spice Talks About Outgrowing Jamaica, Hiding Her Accent, Her Children + Much More

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta star Spice is getting some backlash for bleaching her skin.
The dancehall diva recently went on a social media detox after deleting all her photos and videos from Instagram, but now she returned a brand new woman. Spice uploaded a new photo of herself on Instagram on Monday showing a much lighter skin tone and blonde hair. Her fans immediately recognized the huge difference in her image and started asking questions. The “So Mi Like It” deejay assured them that nothing is wrong with making a fresh start.

“Nothing wrong with a fresh start,” Spice wrote. “My mixtape is ready for pre-order today on all platform. Pre-order yours and tag me #Captured.” The “Sheets” deejay also used her downtime to finish recording her new mixtape due sometime this fall.

“Look like dem Chinese yah make a fake spice..must be a clown,” one of her fans wrote while another added, “Maybe whatever they gave her to drink on love and hip hop got to her head cause ever since she got on that show she been a disgrace to Jamaica.”

Despite the massive backlash over her perceived skin bleaching, some fans were still defending her honor, while others were still not believing the photo was her. “Spice me love you see!!! You delete everything and come back white!! Love it!!! See true me know what a gwan I will be quiet and watch how the dogsh*t them ago criticize you,” one fan wrote.

Spice has yet to address the issue, except that she is using the shock-value to promote her new project. The new Queen of the Dancehall is known for her dark skin and blue hair, an image that her fans have grown to love over the past few years. Her transitioned into a light skin blonde hair bombshell comes as a shock to the vast majority of her supporters.


Spice Responds To Critics Of Her Love & Hip Hop Accent {VIDEO}

Spice stopped by Caribbean Fever hosted by Dahved levy to clear the air on many of the conversational things she has said recently, also to talk about being added to Love And Hip Hop and her new music. Check out the highlights of the interview below.

Spice Explains Why She Feels Like She Has Outgrown Jamaica:

Spice Explains Why She Covers Up Her Jamaican Accent On Love And Hip Hop:

Spice Talks About Her Kids Not Knowing What She Does And What She Will Do When They Do Find Out:

Is Spice Married, Divorced, Or Single? She Explains All Below:


Spice critics have been going in on her about her accent on “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta.”

Spice is the newest cast member of “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” and already she is making her presence felt. LHHATL season 7 premieres next week Monday and VH1 gave us a glimpse of the drama coming this season. At the center of it all is Jamaican dancehall sensation Spice, who is getting a lot of support from her fans. Still, there is still a small segment of her local fanbase who is criticizing her accent on the show and she is responding to that.

“My introduction to #LHHATL just a quick note for Fyi to those of you who keep complaining why I’m not speaking only “patois” I went on this platform to capture a wider audience and to gain more international fans,” Spice wrote on IG. “If I speak patwa that only “Jamaicans” can understand then I’ll defeat the purpose of this opportunity. When miss Jamaica goes out to represent the country “ Mi never hear none a dem a chat bad” so why now unu quick fi have a problem when I try to make the audience understand who I am. Have a Smurferific day.”

In the first official trailer for Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta season seven, Spice got into a fight with another female. We will have to wait to watch the show to find out what really happened since this was only a sneak peek.

Spice is now living in Atlanta full time as she gets comfortable to being a regular on the hit reality show, but she says she is still living in Jamaica. Her first order of business is to broaden her career into the hip hop market. Her debut rap single “Duffle Bag” is currently on the airwaves and the video is out.

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Comment by S. Young on November 10, 2018 at 10:28pm
Wow,Yes Spice stand up for yourself !!
Comment by caribmama on November 10, 2018 at 4:43pm

Stop the self hatred and love how God put you on the earth. 

Comment by Samantha on November 5, 2018 at 6:17pm
Who cares, when you die all that Gabe and glory would not have a role in front of your judge, juror and sentencer...... God......... Enjoy life now it won't matter in his eyes later
Comment by Sandra Izsadore on November 5, 2018 at 3:39pm

Spice should thank Wendy for helping to make her more famous.

Comment by vaughn mitchell on November 2, 2018 at 6:43pm
Comment by Marcella Edmmond on November 1, 2018 at 5:10pm

Ok, so first off Wendy didn't trash Spice.  We all know that it was to.promote her new song. And she talked about Vybze because he proudly bleaches his skin and now encourages his son to do the same.  I'm so tired of C.F. not getting the real story before printing.  Do your research beforethe, because you're starting to read like the average gossip site.

Comment by Sunshine Winter on November 1, 2018 at 4:16pm
This story is extremely inaccurate and so stupid, who wotre this trash!?
Comment by Fang on October 28, 2018 at 7:06am
Fake hair
Comment by Fang on October 28, 2018 at 7:05am
Comment by Fang on October 28, 2018 at 7:03am
Wendy Williams, you shouldn't be the one to pass judgement on anyone for bleaching of skin...look at u, almost everything about u r fake, from ur many plastic surgery, fake hate, fake skin tone, fake body parts...etc. Don't hate on Jamaicans for doing something that u urself do. I don't believing bleaching of the skin, people will do as they please, to each is own. Wendy Williams, you say Vybz Kartel and is son also spice are self hating because bleaching of their skin!. "What are ur reasons"??

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