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Cam'ron Breaks Down The Mase Beef, Says There's More Stories To Be Told


Killa Cam drops by The Breakfast Club to dive further into the back and forth between him and Mase and much more:

· Tells story of Mase on intro of 'The Program'
· Did Dame Dash really say Cam should beef with Mase
· Did you know Mase was going to release 'The Oracle'
· Why a diss record after all these years
· Was it a low blow when he blamed you for the death
· Juelz Santana
· Dipset reunion
· Did you really move to Orlando after the 50 Cent situation
· Breaking up with JuJu
· Rumors of new girlfriend
· Rucker park story
· Tru Life story
· What is Mase’s resume
· Do you still have love for Mase
· Has Mase reached out to you


Rapper Camron Makes EXPLOSIVE Diss Track Against MASE Claiming Mase Was MOLESTED & ‘F**KED’ By DiddyMase sister has stepped forward and denied Cam’ron claims that he had sex with her.

Cam’ron has since responded to Mase scathing diss track “The Oracle” with his own diss record “Dinner Time” The former Bad Boy rapper has since declared victory but there was one thing that his sister had to address. If you listened to Mase diss track, you would’ve heard a line where he accused Cam’ron of incest with his sister. Cam responded in his record denying the allegations while saying that he had relations with his rival’s sister.

The two Harlem rappers had a history going back to their teenage years so the big question is who is lying. “You done opened up a door, I’m petty, ready for war / I ain’t got a sister, only sister I f***ed was yours,” Cam raps in The Heatmakerz-produced diss song. Mase sister, Stason Betha, responded on social media categorically denying the allegations. “NEVER NI99A YOU IN A BAD F***IN DREAM #wakeup,” she wrote.

Mase also called into Ebro in the morning yesterday to discuss his beef with Cam’ron more in-depth.


Ma$e - The Oracle (Cam'Ron Diss)

Camron and his former frendMASE are in the middle of a HIP HOP war – and it just went CRAZY. Early yesterday Mase dropped his TRACK against Cam – and it was good.

But Camron’s response was EXPLOSIVE. The music was good . . . but what he was saying was CRAZY.

In the song Cam says to Mase, “How are you mad at me, when you let Mr Boyce touch you.” The lyric implies that a man named”Mr Boyce” may have molested Mase.

Then he drops a BOMB saying that “Puff f**ked you.”



Ma$e and Cam'Ron's relationship goes back years. The two have been friends and at one point were in the group Children of the Corn" together. But somewhere along the way things turned sour and today Ma$e delivers a scathing diss titled "The Oracle" aimed at Killa Cam.


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Comment by mr1stroke on December 2, 2017 at 1:42pm

Thats why i have always been a fan og killer cam, real n**** talk real s***, you can tell when a n**** telling the truth, he is well comfortable, and he a business man music is not the only ave, if you people paying attention to detail, you realize he makes them take the label of the water bottle, he does that at his shows and videos unless he is getting paid, i started telling you people about the story mase was telling his church that rap was the devil, what man playing around with dildos unless he is puffy's b****, and yes i dont mess with no one who is messing around with God real gangsters know its limit, but many of us know how the story ends, he left the streets went to church claim he was saved, now he cant get money from the church they kicked him out, he is going broke he is coming back to the streets on some beef s***, and the diplomat are now coming back together, i dont wish bad on no man, but i wish mase can go back to hiding or in a few months there will be bad news, im sure freaky is still wilding

Comment by Tabu Gif on December 1, 2017 at 2:08pm
I love Mase
Comment by Juneyah BeatMaztah on November 30, 2017 at 9:47am
Man...Fuuuuuck Mase! He's nothing but a fake ass Pastor Impostor.Your rap game been over since day 1.Harlem World shows no love for you.
Comment by CJordan on November 30, 2017 at 8:50am

All Them niggas is b******

Comment by mr1stroke on November 29, 2017 at 2:35pm

lol wow okay i came back and listen to that interview, hot97 never changed they played mase like a naked f***** lol, only real street niggas can understand the level they played him in that interview, than they clowned him trying to talk to that female cohost, com on sweet mase ok you kicked a hot line on this track but killer cam will come back and kik a hot song, and camron track was hot serious ly pastor, can we how our heads and pray, or will you get on your knees and service puffy again? now for those who dont know the story this is all a front for him to come back that n**** cant do nothing without unfinished business with puffy he signed for like 20 albums he is still owed puffy, do you people remember puffy pulled him out of retirement years ago he did that welcome back mase record which was trash at that time Onyx and AZ killed it on that same tracks, he claimed he left again but was being spotted at the studio and strip clubs with puffy while running the church which is why his wife left his fake ass, i never like that n**** even when i used to see him and harlem week and the African american day parade, i hate fake niggas

Comment by mr1stroke on November 29, 2017 at 1:38pm

didnt they exile that n**** to Atlanta from harlem, lets hope Jim Jones and Freaky Zicky dont step in that beef, cause he will be killed, puffy cant save you homie, he knows he cant come back on the streets, puffy can get it to, these gun men are real, remember you got someone one killed over a chain, you f*****, aint you suppose to be a minister, now you want to rap again, this is not the time to start been, but go on and let see how long it will last and how that will end?






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