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Mr. Vegas Responds To Backlash From Vybz Kartel Fans Insist They Are Idiots {VIDEO}

Mr. Vegas Says Vybz Kartel Is In Hell And His Fans Are Fools

Mr. Vegas has responded to the backlash from Vybz Kartel fans and is insisting that they are a bunch of idiots.
During his interview with Anthony Miller last week, the “Bruk It Down” deejay says that Vybz Kartel is living in hell and when he got the usual backlash from Gazanation fans, he told them that they are fools. Now MV chooses to address the controversy in one of his usual vlogs. “More time some people act like they want to use their little intimidation and think they can frighten everybody and everybody must just shut up and they alone must speak,” the deejay said. “A lot of you are some internet bad people.”
Mr. Vegas also explained what he meant by Vybz Kartel living in hell. “I said somebody might be making a joke about Vybz Kartel becoming a Christian but it might manifest into reality,” he said. “Because I have seen on Anthony Miller show where Vybz Kartel said he was going to hell and Jeffrey already put the a/c in there. “Jeffrey cannot put any a/c into the hell that any wicked is going to be cast in on the day of judgement. So any hell that Jeffrey is going to put the a/c in must be one of those prisons in Jamaica.”


Machel, Beenie Man to perform on Drake's OVO Fest

Mr. Vegas says that Vybz Kartel is literally living in hell and the vast majority of his fans are complete fools for following him.

The dancehall deejay turn gospel singer sat down for an interview on ER last week where he spoke about Vybz Kartel’s incarceration being equivalent to him being in hell. “Well you have to understand that Vybz Kartel is a major force within our society, and a lot of people emulate Vybz Kartel because of a certain image that he shows out there,” MV said. “So if a youth hear something positive from Vybz Kartel who knows that youth might become more positive, I am not saying everybody would become a Christian now who are following Vybz Kartel.”

Earlier this month, there were some rumors that Vybz Kartel is getting baptized behind bars but Dancehall HipHop confirmed with a rep for the deejay that those reports are false. Mr. Vegas wasn’t amused by it and thinks that the deejay is really in hell behind bars. “I saw Vybz Kartel on your show already… where he said ‘I know I am going to hell, Jeffrey already put in the a/c,” Vegas said. “Ever since he said that that night I watch your show when he spoke about Mavado not being intelligent, and ever since he got locked up it’s like he saw something in the universe that he was going to hell. Where Vybz Kartel is is hell… I was in Hunts Bay one day and it’s like your skin was coming off.”

Mr. Vegas got some backlash on social media for his comments about Vybz Kartel and he responded calling the Gazanation fans fools. “Can anyone tell me why some of the Gaza fans them so dunce and fool fool?” the dancehall veteran wrote. “Yes come for me! unu real dunce.”


Drake Says Vybz Kartel Is His Favorite Artist, Talks Popcorn & Mavado “Addi Mi Daddy”

Machel Montano and dancehall star Beenie Man will be the headliners at OVO Fest 2016.

Canadian rapper Drake made the announcement via Instagram on Thursday night.

OVO Fest is Drake's annual rap weekend in Toronto and this year will expand the annual Caribana celebrations to four days.

The weekend's line-up will also see Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa, Jhene Aiko and others take the stage on Friday, July 29 at the Molson Amphitheatre.

Montano and Beenie Man will rep the Caribbean on July 30 at the Echo Beach. Drake and Future will perform at the Air Canada Centre on July 31 and August 1,

Special guest appearances have been promised. The night will be hosted by T. Rexxx, Ebro and Kast One.


Drake Claps Back At Mr. Vegas Diss ‘Y Fi Di Heads High’

Drake is making it known that Vybz Kartel is one of his favorite artists of all time. 

It’s no secret that Drake is a huge fan of dancehall music and is friends with artists like Popcaan and Mavado. The Toronto rapper gets real candid with Nardwuar when asked about Vybz Kartel.

“Free up World Boss, Addi Mi Daddy,” Drizzy said. Kartel fans are known to frequently use the phrase “Addi Mi Daddy” as a way of saying Adidja Palmer is like my father. 

“Vybz Kartel is one of my biggest inspirations like one of my favorite artists,” Drake added. “You want to talk about a guy that is coming out or somewhere or who is coming out of a place that has their own thing, their own culture and absolutely just taking over to becoming the one person to idolize.”

Drake also spoke about performing in Jamaica and almost getting arrested with Mavado for using profanity on stage.

“Yes I almost did get arrested because in Jamaica the stage shows the way the police monitor it is that you can’t incite the crowd so they don’t like you to swear so I was in Jamaica and I was excited,” the Young Money rapper said.

Drake also shout out to Mavado and Popcaan during the interview.


Mr. Vegas Responds To Popcaan Threat

Drake took a subliminal shot at Mr. Vegas after the dancehall star called him out for not crediting the genre on his album.

Seems Mr. Vegas is disgruntled about Drizzy’s use of dancehall on his album Views without properly crediting artists in the genre. MV basically calls Drake a fake for a number of reasons. But the Young Money rapper seems unbothered.
“Thank you to Jewel Nightclub. Had to done off Vegas…Y fi di heads high. ?,” Drizzy wrote on IG along with a photo of himself.

Meanwhile, Drake is enjoying some success on the charts with his single “One Dance” returning to No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Views is also No. 1 on the Billboard 200 album chart for three consecutive weeks. The album also surpassed a milestone of half a billion streams.


[Video] Popcaan Defends Drake. Tells Mr Vegas To Stay Out Of Unruly Business 

Mr. Vegas is unfazed by some recent threats by Popcaan following a video he released calling out Drake.

During his lengthy rant, MV said that Drake is being a vulture on dancehall music and not giving the genre credit for the massive success of his recent album Views which sold over a million copies in a week. The “Bruk It Down” deejay also called out the Toronto emcee for not doing a proper feature with Popcaan or Mavado whom he calls his friends.

But Popcaan came out over the weekend with all guns blazing dismissing Mr. Vegas and letting him know that he don’t want his help.

In a new video in his MV corner series, Mr. Vegas says that he is only defending dancehall and is not doing it to annoy anyone or for publicity. He even drew a comparison between himself and Marcus Garvey.


Mr. Vegas Disses Drake For Not Giving Dancehall Artists Credit

After Dancehall artist Mr Vegas posted a video on social media calling out rapper Drake for being Fakeabout his love and respect for Dancehall music and using Dancehall artist (Vegas also took aim with Drake sampling Popcaan's song for his album and not mentioning him in the album's credit).  But the unruly boss Popcaan seems not to be in agreement with Mr Vegas in a new video posted on his social media page Popcaan defends his friend Drake . While also warning Mr Vegas to keep out of his business .(  check out video inside ) 


In his latest installment of MV Cornver, dancehall recording artiste Mr. Vegas aired his frustration with Drake new album “Views,” calling him fake for sampling various dancehall artiste without giving any credits.

“Why did Drake link Beenie Man to on sing back that record if that’s the one he wanted? Or why let Beenie Man do something new?” asks Vegas. “So then I’m listening to the record further and at the end of the record when the record done, you can hear the record fin, Beenie Man doing the outro. So I’m like, Drake a ramp wid my artist! You using my artist as intro man!”

Vegas is referring to Beenie Man’s blatant “Tear Off Mi Garment” sample on “Controlla” that he feels Drake didn’t take full advantage of. Vegas then refers to another dancehall-sampled track on Views – “Too Good,” which features Rihanna and Popcaan.

“I’m listening to the record like, “Where’s Poppy? So me say fast forward and at the end of the record again is another sample and the sample is from Popcaan. An old Popcaan record!”

What Vegas found especially troubling with the Views reggae sampling was that no dancehall artist sampled got credit.

    “Does the real Drake really love dancehall or is he just fake and because dancehall is right now the hottest genre, he use 40 or 50 percent dancehall on his album because he realizes that this is the hot thing right now?”

Watch Mr. Vegas’ full video above to the end and let us know your views


Mr. Vegas Chastised Alkaline Over Lewd Lyrics In New Song {AUDIO} Has Alkaline gone too far?

It is no secret that Drake's new album “Views” is heavily influenced by dancehall music. The Toronto rapper has also never been shy about his love for the music originated in Jamaica, but Mr. Vegas feels that he is not giving the genre enough credit.

In a video posted on his social media, Mr. Vegas rant about Drake not truly embracing dancehall but using the genre here and there in his music to get a buzz. The dancehall star went as far as to call Drizzy a fake. 

“Drake the fake is just running with the hot genre right now,” MV rant. “Because when yoy check it out really look how long Drake has been saying Gully before he start saying Gaza… ‘Yow Gully bigup Mavado” but never did a song with Mavado yet and still don’t do a song with Popcaan. So Drake maybe Meek Mill was right you’re a fake.”

Mr. Vegas is clearly feeling salty about Drake right now. But does he have a point? 

Sound off in comments below.


Rising dancehall star Alkaline is getting some flogging in all quarters of dancehall over his recent single ““F**k You (2016).”

Mr. Vegas is one of a slew of dancehall deejays releasing songs. Vegas released a remix for Avicii’s “Wake Me Up” where he called out Alkaline over his lyrical content.

But the “Bruk It Down” deejay also attacked veteran Sound System selector Tony Matterhorn for wearing wig on Twitter.

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Comment by caribmama on May 22, 2017 at 8:45pm


Comment by Fang on April 23, 2017 at 11:35pm
I think vybz Kartel is one of the best lyricists...if not the best as jamaican musican. But, I think where kartel went wrong, is when he turn away from GOD. When one does that, GOD wI'll bring you down to your knees...and that is what Mr. Vegas is saying.
Comment by AfricanGoddess on April 23, 2017 at 10:53pm

I should have added and made myself clear...

In no way am I condoning or do I care for Mr. Vegas reliegious rhetoric/references/jesus talk,but through the diatribe I innerstand him calling out these artists on their foolishness concerning the brand of crap being fed to the people on a frequent basis.

The Imbalance,need focusing in order to readjust for any changes to occur...

Our people need Spiritual guidance more than ever,not reliegion!

Comment by Fang on April 19, 2017 at 11:35am
Keep on doing what you are doing mr.Vegas, we need more positive jamaican celebrities like you to open the youth them eyes and to change there ways of thinking...GOD, is NEVER a joke....also to bring our good music to the world. Bless up.
Comment by lynz on April 17, 2017 at 11:40am
You right MV.. but you know they will try to crucify you for speaking up against the powers of darkness and it's Godless cohorts. The devil don't like when you try lead his "fool fool, dunce, gullible, lost" people back into the light so if they don't wa wisen up while they still can, well, to HELL with them.. LITERALLY! They think they're so funny making a joke out of going to hell but the joke is on them. Not even Satan wa be there.. set ah imbeciles.
Comment by JAHSON on April 17, 2017 at 7:52am
Yes burn him Mr vegas
Comment by AfricanGoddess on April 16, 2017 at 9:29pm

Any black person who bleach their skin,period ... are in hell!

The constant gutter lyrics are not,our people are living in their own hell.

Speak up Mr. Vegas... help be the change we need.

Comment by No Matter on July 4, 2016 at 12:16am

He is using us! What has he done for the black communities in Canada or United States.....He will get richer of the blacks that are weak ...Mr. Vegas is right!!!!

Comment by Reez on June 20, 2016 at 12:38pm


Comment by Yahzequel Ben Israel on May 26, 2016 at 4:05pm

I AGREE WITH MR,VEGAS IF ANYONE AGAINST MR, VEGAS  THEN SURELY YOU ARE NOT BUSINESS MINDED, most of us black people are fool by color and money as Chronixx said some body has to watch the gate big up you self MR.VEGAS KEEP ON FIGHTING 






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