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Lil Wayne Album “Tha Carter V” Dropping Tonight Here Is A Snippet

Look who Rapper Lil Wayne MARRIED In Small Ceremony
Lil Wayne Carter V

Lil Wayne is on the verge of dropping his long-awaiting album “Tha Carter V” tonight.

While we await Lil Wayne‘s big return to rap, here are some snippets that we compiled of his new album “Tha Carter V.” The record has been in the works since 2012 and was delayed due to some legal issues with Cash Money Records and Birdman. After a long battle in the courts, Weezy and his former mentor managed to come to an agreement which means the album can finally see the light of day.

At one point, we all thought that this album would never make it out the vault. Additionally, last year some rumors popped up claiming that Martin Shkreli got his hands on the project and was randomly leaking tracks from it online. It turns out that the embattled big pharma guy was, in fact, playing some snippet of some Lil Wayne songs while he was on Instagram Live. We don’t know yet if those song snippets are from “Tha Carter V.”

Social media is already abuzz with fans sharing their excitement ahead of the album release, and tonight we will be posting the project as soon as it’s available on iTunes. So make sure to make your Hennessy run before nightfall because tonight will be lit when you hear that lighter flick.

In 2016, a snippet of a song titled “Start This Sh*t Off Right” featuring Mannie Fresh surfaced on YouTube. Sources say the track will be featured on “Tha Carter V.” In May of this year, another snippet of a song titled “Life of Mr. Carter” surfaced, and just recently Martin Shkreli played a song titled “Mona Lisa” featuring Kendrick Lamar.

“Tha Carter V” will be the first Lil Wayne album to not carry a Cash Money Records logo on it, which means he will be dropping it under his Young Money Records imprint. Weezy recently revealed that he is now the sole owner of Young Money after reaching a deal with Birdman and Cash Money who was part owner of the label he founded.


Wayne-BaldWe learned that two weeks ago, rapper Lil Wayne got MARRIED.  According to one of our reliable Young Money insiders, Wayne and his longtime Gf Dhea were wed in a small ceremony outside of Phoenix, Arizona.

The insider explains, "Wayne and [Dhea] had been engaged for like 5 years, she pressured him to get married and they did." We're told that the event was small and only a few of Lil Wayne's friend's and Dhea's family attended.

The insider explained, "Wayne's family wasn't there." It's not clear whether they were NOT invited, or whether they boycotted the affair.

Here's what Dhea posted yesterday on social media:


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