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Hughley after Harvey’s Meeting with Trump “F-You Now and Forever” {VIDEO}

Hughley after Harvey’s Meet with Trump “F-You Now and Forever”

Friday, Harvey joined a growing club of Black celebs who have been summoned by President-elect Donald Trump for a meeting on the vague, “multi-cultural or inner city plight” of Black Americans.  Just like Jim Brown and Kanye who ran to Trump Tower when called, Harvey accepted the offer.  Harvey tried to put a positive spin on the meeting with a little humor saying,”Well, you know it’s not my jump into politics…I ain’t gonna pass a background check.”  Then Harvey repackaged a statement we all grew tired of hearing for the last eight years namely-‘blame Obama‘.  Harvey said, “It’s just me following orders from my friend President Obama who said, ‘Steve, you gotta’ as he told everybody, ‘get out from behind your computer, stop tweeting and texting and get out there and sit down and talk.‘”

During the campaign, Harvey was a staunch supporter of Hillary Clinton and even had her on his radio show saying then, “…We’re going to put her back in the White House.” As of his meeting last week, Harvey is now saying that Trump is “a great guy” and that he is “genuine“.  We’re used to seeing a  flip-flop from politicians, but this is not going over well with people on social media who can now be categorized as “former Harvey fans”.



When it comes to criticism, no one can hit harder than those who know you best.  In Harvey’s case, that comes from his “Kings of Comedy” co-star and friend DL Hughley who says Trump taking pictures with Black celebrities isn’t proof that he cares…it’s opportunistic. Here’s more  of Hughley’s comment on the meeting in a video that has gone viral.

This is Harvey’s first internet beat downs.  He was repeatedly called the “N-word” after his much memed debacle of naming the wrong winner in the Miss Universe pageant.  More recently, Harvey was dragged again after making some disparaging comments about Asian men in a joke gone bad during his job as host of the Family Feud.  So Harvey had to expect some push back after meeting with the president-elect.  Harvey tried to spin it like Trump really wants to help Black people, but Blacks (and a lot of Whites as well) aren’t listening.

Harvey, Jim Brown, Kanye and other Black celebs who have met with Trump are trying to convince Blacks that the president-elect is just misunderstood.  Problem with that argument is that we understood every word, every tweet, every insult that Trump has uttered or written.  Unlike celebs, the majority of Blacks just have a longer memory.  A memory that goes all the way back to the words of Malcolm X who said:

What do you think…is Harvey a sell out or Uncle Tom being used to cast the appearance of wanting to help the Black community? Or is he truly trying to help bridge the gap between Trump and Blacks?

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Comment by mr1stroke on January 20, 2017 at 11:58pm
Today I got a letter from my health provider informing me that they have to make adjustments I my policy I was paying $420 biweekly now I will be paying 207 so they will make that adjustment from the Jan 1 and refund what ever Was taking out from my account so far it's working for some of us Walmart ford tacobell announcing all those jobs from factory to executive position how come they did not announce that a year ago what about 6 months ago with so many jobs it's nobodies fault people don't want to educate their selves and learn a trade not every one will be 35 years old and want to be at Mc Donalds I refuse to follow the massive I refuse to think like the retards all those who are complaining about Trump were complaining before your issues were there before him and for 8 years you people had your precious Democrat Barack in office why complaint now on 4 years if you don't approve to Trump performance you will have the chance and the right to vote him out but if he stood up behind what he said by creating opportunities for all and you don't take advantage of of it I won't feel sorry for you because believe me when I tell you life will be so hard many be homeless and drug addicts
Comment by mr1stroke on January 20, 2017 at 11:46pm
All the negros who voted for Obama all the negros who depended on him need to show their success for the past 8 years if you use to complaint about the next 4 years what were you doing for the past 10 years I am not complaining I didn't vote for trump now I feel like I should of voted for him I'm neither a Republican or Democrat I do not enslave my self with no parties I stay independent and work wit the people who brings progress to every idiots out there raising hell how can you judge this man when we never saw what he can do or will do if you are so against him how are you plan to Fix what needs to be fix what is the next plan not one of the educated negros can answer my question if you negros were so smart why not run for president Congress council make some change put your money where your mouth is how about those superstar like Steve Harvey why didn't he runs if he knows what will work for you they ar email because they no longer have special favors of their special interest from their friends office now let see which one of you negros are really smart let see which one-fourth always on here talking about you are well establish so far I'm not worrying
Comment by El-Bull on January 20, 2017 at 9:45pm

Brakes you're right as Obama certainly do nothing for us but to leave us to hang out to dry 

Comment by Brakes on January 20, 2017 at 5:18am
It don't matter who our Black Brothers and sisters sit with as president, Black or white(Obama or Trump) it's still a white mans government system
Comment by mr1stroke on January 19, 2017 at 4:53pm

lol now you negros are mad, now you negros realize you were being sold by your own friends, when some of us were taking a knee many of you were against or laughing, the funny part is im not worrying about trump and its policies if you have to worry about trump for 4 years than what have you been doing for the past 10 years, its so sad the niggas who talks the most about how educated and achieving they are, be the one complaining and crying wolf be that dumb negro that you are and sit your ass down, now we can see who is dumb, who is educated, who is well achieve and successful to carry on for the next 8 years

Comment by El-Bull on January 18, 2017 at 11:54pm

Comment by Alicia Johnson on January 18, 2017 at 9:52pm
I always disliked Steve Harvey. He's a damn phony. Writing books for women, really? GTFOH! This bastard would do anything to make money and his audience sucks up all his crap
Comment by desmond on January 18, 2017 at 1:57pm
I couldn't stand Steve Harvey b4 for saying real men don't pay child support now I hate him even more he is nothing but a sell out n a Hippocrate I all for supporting my blk brothers who does good in life but not Hippocrates
Comment by Sandra Fuller on January 18, 2017 at 1:38pm
We all have our opinions about this but we don't have to hate on this man for seeing what Trump wanted to say. Remember keep your friends close but your enemies even closer so you will know what they are up to!
Comment by Al3xa on January 18, 2017 at 11:19am

Down Low Hugley need to stop crying for attention and do something about it, bitter ass, You and Steve Harvey are both sell outs.






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