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Heartwarming video shows the moment Russell Wilson gives his mom a HOUSE for Mother's Day a month after he signed record-breaking 140Million NFL contract

Wilson shared the video on his Instagram with the caption: 'All these years you have never asked me for anything... only thing you ever wanted is for me to LOVE'

  • Russell Wilson surprised his mother, Tammy Wilson, with new home on Sunday  
  • His mom is seen in heartwarming video looking in disbelief as he hands her keys  
  • Wilson's wife, Ciara, their daughter, and other family members were also there 
  • The NFL star's mother then laughs and tells everyone: 'I'm going to pee myself!'  

As Wilson, who signed a record-breaking $140million NFL contract last month, walks up to the home with his wife, Ciara, their daughter Sienna, and several other family members, he hands his mother, Tammy Wilson, the keys to the front door. 

In total surprise, Tammy asks: 'What's this?'  

Wilson, 30, tells her 'it's the key to your the door'. 

As Russell Wilson walked up to the home with his wife, Ciara (center), their daughter Sienna, and several other family members, he hands his mother, Tammy Wilson (in white), the keys to the front door
In total surprise, Tammy asks: 'What's this?' Wilson, 30, tells her 'it's the key to your the door'
She then laughs in disbelief and tells everyone: 'I'm going to pee myself!'
Wilson then kisses his mom on the cheek as they embrace and leads her up the steps and to the door
His mother gives Ciara a hug before unlocking the door to her new home and going inside
'Well thanks for loving us the way you do. This ones for you. I love you momma. #HappyMothersDay #GodIsGood,' he wrote in the caption of the video. Russell is pictured with his mother in 2014
Too sweet: In the surprise, Russell wished his wife the best day possible with his kids while they remained back in Seattle
Best kids: Future then took the lead saying: 'I love you, you’re the best mom and I love you so much wherever you go, wherever you go I still love you'
Ciara and Russell (pictured on May 1 with Future) began dating in 2015, and married in March 2016. Last month, Wilson agreed to a four-year, $140million deal with the Seahawks, making him the NFL's highest paid player

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