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NYPD to make arrests in death of woman who underwent butt surgery

‘Doctor’ in butt implant death used Dunkin Donuts as waiting room
NYPD to make arrests in death of woman who underwent butt surgery news

The NYPD is expected to make an arrest in relation to the death of a Harlem mother who died after butt enhancement surgery.
“There is a strong possibility there is going to be arrests,” NYPD Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce said on Tuesday. “This happens, unfortunately, a couple times of year where we have these kinds of surgeries gone bad. These are not doctors. They should not be doing this.”

Latesha Bynum underwent surgery in an apartment on July 15. By that night, she was dizzy and had tightness in her chest, so she called 911. She was rushed to Mount Sinai St. Luke’s Medical Center, where doctors declared her brain dead. She was taken off of life support on Thursday.
Police searched the apartment where the surgery allegedly took place as part of the investigation.

“We found surgical supplies that were indicative of some kind of surgery being performed as well as drugs like lidocaine,” Boyce said.
“We feel this is what happened — it was a botched plastic surgery,” Boyce said. “She was given some injections.”

The city medical examiner is reportedly still reviewing the case, while her family calls for justice for what they are calling a case of murder.
Although Boyce said that police have identified the person who performed the surgery, no arrests have been made.
“We have everybody identified who were players in this,” he said. “She went willingly. She had heard of this location from another friend of hers.”


Doctor in butt implant death used Dunkin Donuts as waiting room news latesha bynum dunkin donuts

The phony surgeon involved in the death of a Harlem woman from a butt enhancement procedure used a nearby Dunkin Donuts as a waiting room, where he would have patients wait before sending a “nurse” to escort them to the apartment where the procedures were conducted, according to the family’s lawyer.

“These phony doctors prey on unsuspecting women, promising that they will make them look like Kim Kardashian and other desirable celebrities,” the attorney, Jack Yankowitz, said in a statement. “Instead, these women end up with gross, debilitating deformities, amputations and, in the worst cases, death.”

Latesha Bynum, a 31-year-old Harlem woman, died almost two weeks after getting the butt injection, and her family has since called for justice in her murder.
Police have said that they are close to tracking down the “doctor” responsible.
“There is a strong possibility there are going to be arrests,” NYPD Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce said, adding, “This happens, unfortunately, a couple times of year where we have these kinds of surgeries gone bad. These are not doctors. They should not be doing this.”

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Comment by Big Shot... on February 28, 2018 at 5:34pm

This new age is sick and sad. All about wanting ALL the attention, all the time, getting noticed, being seen, at any cost. Literally dying for the attention so jealous of others and want instant fame chasing it any kind of way. Theyre all looking for a quick "push button fix". How about doing something that makes an impact on your neighborhood, community, school, attempting to effect the world in a positive way. Do well and the attention comes, actually it comes so much that you get tired of living like that..

Im sorry, I really have a hard time feeling bad for any of them, for being so desperate and stupid. Ive heard of all kinds of fillers being injected into women azzes, commercial sealers, corking, silicones, and none of the work, is done by certified physicians. How dumb is it to want a butt bigger then you anyway? Looks terrible, its too big for your frame, of course its gonna cause complications. I predicted that with K.Michelle. Always said it was ridiculous, now look, she finally comes clean about pubically admitting it being a really bad decision and simply wasnt worth all the headaches and physical problems that came along with it. The negative effects made it a stupid and expensive idea. The situation is so bad that she had to shop around, just to get a Doctor willing to take on the big job of fixing her big butt debacle. 

Fast forward to now, these dummies always think the bad will always happen to someone else, never them. So, what happens is they continue to take the risk and more fools die as a result. I remember being fake was tabu, it was all about being real, being yourself, stylish, original, the 1st, the most creative, the most innovative, now its all about copy copy copy, bite bite bite, steal steal steal, and nothing needs to be real or authentic. Its the complete opposite today. And they wonder why they can keep a man around for more then a few weeks. Between bad attitudes, no knowledge of self, not understanding their position in life/family, no originality, no knowledge of their own history (& without a care to learn), and everything fake/artificial? What is left for a real man to desire? The fantasy is over after about the 3rd-4th or 5th smashing usually. And thats because theres a lack of true substance. Attracting a man or anyone is easy, keeping them is the trick. Thats the hard part.

(Its funny how females complain about being used, being played like a piece of meat. But all they do is see themselves and advertise themselves as such. What is a man to do?)

Comment by Tinesha on September 19, 2017 at 5:01pm

there are certain things you just dont cut corners to is one of them....may she RIP

Comment by stephen myers on September 11, 2017 at 2:35pm

Sir Mixalot, I like big butts!

Comment by REANEE MITCHLL on September 7, 2017 at 10:14am
This story is so sad!
Comment by maggie gillespie on August 2, 2017 at 4:21pm

i'm sorry this happen to her but people need to realize people don't care about people any more it's about the dollar condolences to her family.May she Rest In Peace.

Comment by Michelle on August 2, 2017 at 3:34pm
Robert and Eve very well said.
Comment by Lu on August 2, 2017 at 3:27pm

Dumb Decisions...accept your flaws and embrace your uniqueness. F*** the Mainstream of what BEAUTY defines. selah 

Comment by Eve on August 2, 2017 at 2:02pm
Comment by Robert on August 2, 2017 at 1:57pm
It is very sad that many women are insecure with what God has given me. If they have no hair or too much hair , not enough breasts , too much breasts, not enough buttocks or too much buttocks we must learn to appreciate what we have..
Comment by HandsomeMan on August 2, 2017 at 1:52pm

Cee Gee we know your booth big. you don't have to keep telling us lol

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