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Steve Harvey Now FIRED From Hosting 'Little Big Shots'

Steve Harvey Talk Show Cancelled - Marjorie Says 'Goodbye'

Steve Harvey Now FIRED From Hosting 'Little Big Shots'!!!
Steve Harvey's media empire is crumbling before our very eyes. Last week, Steve's talk show was cancelled after 6 seasons. And today it's being announced that he's been let go from another big hosting gig - Little Big Shots.

NBC Universal announced this morning that Steve's's been officially removed as host of NBC’s unscripted series “Little Big Shots.” Steve will be replaced with Melissa McCarthy as emcee of the talent competition for kids.

Steve hosted the first three seasons of the show, which is executive produced by Ellen DeGeneres.

“Little Big Shots” last aired on NBC in July 2018. NBC executives said the show was in for a “brand refresh” as McCarthy takes over. “Little Big Shots” is scheduled to return to NBC’s Sunday 8 p.m. slot after the end of football season next winter.

NBC said in a release, “Melissa’s just an incredible performer and incredible comedian and she will bring a completely fresh perspective to it adding that the mother of two, 48, “will bring a completely fresh perspective to it.” 

“Melissa is a strong creative force with her own ideas. Changes will be apparent,” Telegdy added.

Although an exact date for the series’ return has not been announced, the show will begin airing again at 8 p.m. on Sunday nights after the end of football season next winter.

NBC, owned by NBC Universal is that same company that distributed Steve's syndicated daytime talk show, “Steve.” 

Steve still has one job left, he's still the host of Family Feud. At least he is for now . . . 


Marjorie Harvey's Ex: Feds Had 'Substantial Evidence' Against Her!

Steve Harvey Talk Show Cancelled - Marjorie Says 'Goodbye'!!
Talk show host Steve Harvey's talk show has officially been cancelled - it suffered a ratings slide after Steve embraced president Donald Trump, and it never recovered.

Before Steve aligned himself with the controversial president, his ratings were almost unbeatable. But his numbers went on a precipitous decline, once he announced his support for Trump, especially among Black viewers.

Yesterday the show came to a close, after 6 seasons. The show launched in 2012.

Marjorie went on Instagram to bid the Steve Harvey show a formal farewell. They taped their last episode yesterday, and Marjorie posted this:

Steve explained how the network basically ghosted him. “I thought I was [going to stay with NBC], until they made an announcement a couple weeks ago that they wanted to give Kelly Clarkson the owned-and-operated NBC networks — that’s my slot," Steve said at the Variety Entertainment Summit last month. "I don't know if it sold, it's not selling like they thought, but I thought it would have been nice of them to come to me."


Steve Harvey’s Wife Marjorie Latest Instagram Says It All About Those Divorce Rumors

Marjorie Harvey's Ex: Feds Had 'Substantial Evidence' Against Her!!

Marjorie Harvey's ex-husband is claiming that federal prosecutors told him they had "substantial evidence" against Steve Harvey's wife. 

Steve and Marjorie Harvey are bracing themselves for a blockbuster tell-all book being written by Marjorie's ex-husband, a Memphis drug kingpin. And her ex plans on exposing EVERYTHING about his life with the young Marjorie Harvey.

Marjorie Harvey was married to Jim Townsend when he was arrested for selling 90 pounds of cocaine (about 40 kilos) more than 20 years ago.

Jim has previously spoken out about his relationship with Marjorie. And in a 2018 interview with The Globe magazine, he claims that the DEA suggested that Marjorie may have been involved in his drug business.

He told The Globe magazine this last year:

Before their run-in with the law, [Marjorie] loved spending nights in the party scene and dreamed of opening a “bar and grill,” Townsend says. Eventually, they made her dream come true. But he and Marjorie came under investigation by the FBI and the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration for drug smuggling.

He says the feds claimed to have “substantial evidence” against Marjorie — and said she’d be arrested if he didn’t play ball.

So he cut a plea deal that allowed Marjorie and his brother, Terry, to go free, Townsend says.

But Marjorie’s bar was seized by government officials

But Jim has never explicitly implicated Marjorie in any of his drug dealing enterprises. But he now claims that he has more to spill.

Here's what is being reported on Radar Online:

The drug kingpin ex-husband of Steve Harvey’s wife Marjorie has penned a memoir that threatens to blow the lid off their marriage and run-ins with the law.

“I wrote two-thirds of the book in prison,” Jim Townsend exclusively told

While Townsend noted he “had reservations” about sharing his explosive story because of his kids, he decided to go ahead with the project — whether his ex, 62-year-old Harvey’s current wife, likes it or not.

“I have no allegiance to Marjorie, she showed her hand,” he blasted. “I’m going…tell my story. It don’t matter [if she knows about it].”

“I’m pouring my heart out,” he said of sharing all his and Marjorie’s explosive secrets. “No one knows what happened but me and Marjorie.”


Steve Harvey Secrets Scandals Revealed

Steve Harvey is preparing for a bitter divorce from his third wife, as has exclusively revealed, and it’s only the latest scandal in the talk show host’s bumpy life.

Harvey has gone through a series of bitter personal and professional problems.

Although he claims to be a relationship expert, Harvey left his first wife for his second, who later sued him for “torture, deprivation and brainwashing.”

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