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Ziggy Marley Explains Why He Said He Is Not Black

ziggy marley

Bob Marley’s eldest son Ziggy Marley explains why he famously said he is not black.

Ziggy Marley recently wrote on Facebook that he is not black and received some backlash for it. I should also note that he also said he is not white either. According to the reggae legend, some fans just misunderstood what he said and the broader messaging that he was conveying. If he is not black or white, then what is he?
A source close to the singer said that Ziggy Marley sees himself as a black man of African ancestry, but also sees himself as a human being. “We are all humans whether you’re black, white, brown, or purple, and that is just what he is saying ‘I am human,'” sources told us.
When Ziggy Marley made the statement, he was promoting his self-titled album which was released in 2016. The project is centered around the theme of who we are as a human being with singles like “We Are The People,” “I’m Not Made Of Stone,” and “Better Together” where Ziggy sings about love and unity among the human race.

In 2015, Ziggy Marley shared this poem.

I’m not a Buddhist, I’m not a Christian, I’m not a Muslim,
I’m not a jew.
I’m not a what, I am a who.
I’m not black, I’m not white, I’m not yellow, I’m not blue.
I’m not a what, I am a who.
I’m not a communist, I’m not a capitalist, I’m not a socialist
I’ve got a view.
But I’m not a what, I am a who.
A being free minded, labels just won’t do
my life isn’t predetermined, I evolved as I grew
so when we meet don’t ask me what I am but ask me who,
and I’ll tell a deep tale of a person just like you.
I am not a what, I am a who. Who Are You?

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Comment by Omar on September 16, 2018 at 8:57pm

Pusillanimous...HAHAHA LMMFAO

That's a good High School word, haven't seen it in a while.

Comment by Omar on September 16, 2018 at 8:53pm

El Bull your opinion is just that, I made no attempts to hijack this blog w/my commentary and if I am correct, you allowed yourself to comment on a statement that I made, to no one in particular. Full of myself??, far from it; timid?? Never. It's just very laughable when someone goes the defensive route over what should be an intellectual sparring, dare I say. You are correct however, I know nothing of you, outside of what you key here. But to answer your question since you happily avoided mine, the true meaning of a word would have to be it's original meaning, would it not? And by all means, these are rhetorical inquiries. The 1st definition, going back to it's inception, in my estimation, would have to be regarded as a true meaning unless something preempts it.

~Shem Hotep

Comment by El-Bull on September 16, 2018 at 8:12pm

mr1stroke understood....

Comment by mr1stroke on September 16, 2018 at 8:00pm

El-Bull  i am just suggesting that you are letting them win, remember i had to jabbed  just about every one who came at me, especially the old ones who used to be jealous because they couldnt spread any of the information, or express their selves the way i used to, but after observing those same idiots had nothing positive to contribute, they either agree with others who come on the attack or they tried to dsicredit others, once i saw that i had to show people how irrlevant they are if you observe no matter the topic, they coment about me, so i ignore them and no one know they exist, so if you want to used that time to do what you do and help keep on doing it, but if you are fallen for the trap just remember right now is not waht we need, but hey im always waiting for good post from you as you can see i stop posting information

Comment by El-Bull on September 16, 2018 at 7:25pm

mr1stroke  As always i respect your insights and perspectives, value them and you very much, however, i am at the point in which I will not compromise and will remain true to myself....

Comment by mr1stroke on September 16, 2018 at 9:56am
El-Bull brother, brother you have been through that Before, people attacked you for posting information that can help not only them but the community, and you survived it, so don't go out of bounce, you are both intelligent, we have to start from somewhere

This morning my tweets were about the Joseph the son of of Jacob the way he was sold into slavery and compare that to the history of black people that was a cursed by God, and the black nation is still suffering from slavery mentally and physically so agree to disagree and educate one another is the best way I see it, becaue we have been doing the fighting for so long it's not helping or ignore each other thags what I do to the niggers who come on here to throw positive people out of bounce
Comment by Daroque on September 16, 2018 at 9:26am
Great message in that poem.
Comment by El-Bull on September 15, 2018 at 10:41pm

mr1stroke I'm sorry but I have nothing in common with someone who is full of themselves, impresses themselves and has gone of on another tangent to hijack this post from the start. If he is so knowledgeable, why Have I not seen any posts by him if he even tried to post anything of import here? yet he wants to denigrate others....

Comment by theafricanunion on September 15, 2018 at 2:19am



Comment by mr1stroke on September 15, 2018 at 12:01am
El-Bull well on the question we have to be fair who decided the meaning or the ones repknsibke for dictionary just like everyone went to school and learned what ever they leaern, because of those who wrote the meanings we know what they meant, who ever translate ten to new meanings is responsible and who ever follows has been conditioned, ever though they translate in New form we still have to respect the true meaning that we learned and fellas remember they are doing the same thing with the bible or should I ask both of you to read the bible we free up with and the new translation in fact go to the religious stores they have about 20 different bibles now that's some crazy s*** so you guys can just agree before going crazy on this topic since you both possess the knowledge

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