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Woman Discharged From Maryland Hospital Wearing Only Gown And Socks In The Freezing COLD {VIDEO}

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Comment by AfricanGoddess on January 14, 2018 at 5:28pm

Nothing new... hospitals are known to dispose of their underclass/undesirable for the sake of profit,money is more important than human welfare.SMFH

Inhumane beyond comprehension knowing she was left out in the bitter cold with no clothes...this was heart wretching to see.  You could never pay me enough to be this heartless to another human being. This world become more dismal every day,phucked up how some humans treat the next because of perceived unimportance of certain people by class,color,etc. in this illusional space. ((( To everyone involved,from the top to the bottom... I wish them and their family the same fate as this woman had throughout her lifetime mentally and materially,let them all suffer in her pain...this is the beginning of their own generational curse,phuck all evil soulless beings!))) I despise wickedness to my core.

I applaud Imamu Baraka,thanks for doing the right thing and being you,a caring,selfless, kind and beautiful hue-man... it's good to see there are some decency left in humanity amongst the ugliness. He could have easily kept walking with his nose in the air and not give a shyt about this homeless woman situation. Just to think,this was probably the first time in her life where someone actually showed sincere compassion and care...he gave her dignity!   You are both connected forever now,may the Universe exalt you both throughout the rest of your journey here.

Comment by Mr. Johnson on January 14, 2018 at 12:42am
Dam bastards. Would they had done that to her if she was white?
Comment by Biacca Green on January 12, 2018 at 9:20pm

Bullshit, who they think the6 fooling. That’s exactly how they treat they’re patients. Smdh

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