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Police Officer BRUTALIZES Beautiful Black Woman For NO REASON {PICS} Look what he did to her FACE!

A young woman named Leah Dure was reportedly asleep in the passenger seat of a car when a Texas police officer (Harker Heights) allegedly forced her from the vehicle and slammed her to the ground, accusing her of driving under the influence.

According to Attorney Lee Merritt, Leah had attended a New Year’s Eve party with her boyfriend, and she had been drinking. When her boyfriend’s eye was injured, Leah rode with him to a local emergency room and fell asleep in the car while he went inside for treatment.

Merritt alleges that Leah woke up when a while male officer she identified as Officer Wood dragging her from the car and “banging her face into the concrete while accusing her of DUI”.

“She was taken to jail and was further physically assaulted by the officer she identified by his badge as Officer Wood as she tried to explain she was not driving, she doesn’t know how to drive, this was not her car,” Merritt wrote. “Leah was not charged with DUI. She was instead mis-charged with public intoxication in a bizarre attempt to justify her unlawful arrest.”

Merritt has called for the officer in question to be terminated and charged with a crime.

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Comment by mr1stroke on Sunday
Smoochez To-you-too many of us will have to do what some of us did last election, we have to separate our selves from the negros and stand black, some of us rally behind Bernie Sanders because he stood in front of us at many rallies and told us the plan ahead the dream he had to better the black community, he told us what the problems and provide solution, but we see what happened how the democratic party did him dirty in order for hillary to win

By being so loyal to a party who have done nothing for us, our situation gets worse everyday they show no concern if they can do that to their own, what makes you think they will be concern about us, hillary clinton have never told black people her plans for the community all she said was she will keep the legacy of obama going now what the f*** is that, how great was obama to the black community?

Now these politicians know to come to the churches on every election, watch they will do it again in 2020 and the dumb niggers will listen and follow, its the same old ways the master read rhe fake bible and the niggers believe, they have been condition by their pastors to listen and do, church people are the worse when it comes to the community ask your self why do we have so much crimes with so many churches in the community, those politicians dont walk the streets to see the distress neighborhood, democrats are the most racist people in capital hill they just know how to talk to negros because they used to be slave masters

they give nothing to the black community, they cut more fundings and all they do is give out limited hand outs because niggers are lazy and love free bees thats why they love the democratic party and ask for nothing, thats what the masters did to their slaves they provided free rent and food so working in the plantations was a way of life and was afraid to come out that mentality, you cannot built wealth or success with charity or hand outs but thats a way to keep people in mental slavery if i am wrong i challenge any one to eplain the black community for so long no matter how much excuses they come with i will have facts, so in 2020 either we get up and do something or we will be right back in the plantations
Comment by Smoochez To-you-too on Sunday
You know Mr1Stroke you are absolutely right What are we getting for our vote. Besides, being sold down the river. Every 4 years politicians come up with a new Twist on the same old spiel about what they can promise you. But they never come thru.
Comment by mr1stroke on January 11, 2018 at 5:45am
It does not have to take a white boy to die, it takes a politician who is concern enough, you people are so loyal to the democratic party but cry about the same thing over and over, if they cannot paas a bill for police reform what exactly are they doing for the black community, thats making it so comfortable

People are marching and rallying about the same issues over and over yet those candidates come into the community and ask for yourh votes, and you give it to the with no questions ask, they come to the churches pay your favorite pastors but never walk the streets and the distress areas, trump did that for his supporters, its 2018 it cant be about being white its about stand up and do what every other coomunities are doing, lets stop making excuses, complaining like babies and put these politicians to work, negros dont eant to make any type of sacrifices thays why they get nothing back, all you people do is vote, but for what, whats the purpose if you dont demand nothing and hold them accountable White people know their sherriff, congressman, senator, Assembly, you people saw the the town halls when those people wanted to propose their situation to the president they come by the numbers, go to a town hall in the black community its about the people

The problem is negros like to be told what to do, so you have a f***** ass comedian thinking he is a black leader telling to vote, al sharpton telling to vote, white politicians on tv pleading for you to vote for them eacmaaple Doug Jones and you do exactly what they tell you, but they dont tell you to get involve in local politics know who your representatives are write a white papwe proposal get it to the president desk, make sure they show you a stamp receipt that it is there, do follow calls and make sure they are following throigh it if not threaten not to relect them, then they will representing until then the same sotuatiom will remains, and guess what with all that im the dumn one, but none if the intelligent people on here can contribute information with the exception for EllBull always posting useful information
Comment by Wayne Bacchus on January 11, 2018 at 4:06am

she can win this case. No justice no peace 

Comment by Wayne Bacchus on January 11, 2018 at 4:04am

the only time police brutality will stop is when young white boys are facing brutality 

Comment by mr1stroke on January 11, 2018 at 2:02am
El-Bull may be so but thay has notjing to do if he did pass a bill in that interest nust like trump is doing everything he said he was doing, if you watched him at the press conference yesterday he has to be the most honest president he told the reporters you guys say i dont listen now its your time im goving you 1 and half hour he answered evety questions than he said yo his supporters im keeping my promise to you weather you like it or not

Now he also had a press conference wednesday he also trying to work with the democratic party, what have they done in capital hill, we cannot be fan or favor, dislike if policies are working, we cannot make excuses for whats wrong, we dont know if trump was going to repeal it, we cannot play guessing games when young lives are being destroy, before trump obama had 8 years to take excutive order and pass a bill for police reform, he did it for same sex marriages becaise thats the promise he mad to the gay community, he passed the immigrants law because thats what he promise, i was never in favor of those obama policies no way, he bailed big banks out but never community banks those same banks continued to foreclosed peoples home and guess who,was losing their homes, people of color, he passed that health care bill my premium went from $525 a month to $1223 yet those people he claimed couldnt pay health care had car notes, popping drinks, wearing the latest design, every trump policies are working for me, with the new tax reform ill be able to make more money, laat year my business grew by 28% this year already i can tell i hpuld make between $100k to at least $250k profit with everything combine if all works out well with obama i was not making that king of money my profit fluctuated from 11% to 15% never passed that, laat year i put money in canabis, solar stocks i wathed my portfolio went sky high, i had enough money to invest in start up companies, in october i invested in a bit coin company i purchased it a 0.35 cent a share now that company is at $3.12 cent, and you want me to go against a president like that i say f*** obama and f*** oprah too, im not fan of no one i roll with whats workinh for me and my family every one should do the same if they want success otherwise be a fan and good luck
Comment by El-Bull on January 10, 2018 at 9:19pm

mr1stroke trump would have reversed the bill same as he's done with allowing police to have military weapons of war which Obama stopped, and i'm not an Obama supporter. Trump has once again emboldened to police and they know they can get away with their dirt because of Trump and Sessions

Comment by mr1stroke on January 10, 2018 at 5:54pm
And if your president obama, Nancy polesi and Schumer had set a bill for police reform all that wouldnt still happen, but he couldnt do that much, wait lets blame Trump but let me wait on the first idiot to respond ill show why you people are idiots, all who come on here and brag about being educated and intelligence ill put you on the corner, all those who so proud to be democrat and glorofy obama i will show you why you are fools and after i do you can research your self in 2018 ill give every negros home work, i will beat uou upside your head until 2020 so you dont have any excuses for being retarded when niggers make dumb decision it effect evwry person of color even when you are doing better
Comment by Fang on January 10, 2018 at 5:16pm
My grandma always says, God is not sleeping, he sees all. Evil racist people will get there's. That's why when you see bad things happened to these people don't feel sorry for them because we don't know the evil things that they or their ancestors do to people.
Comment by Pete on January 10, 2018 at 4:56pm

This offices should get jail time and then do the same to him






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