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Jamaican Authorities Report Worrying Incidents of Physical Abuse Against Children

Mixed Reaction As Jamaican Mother Charged for Beating Daughter With Machete {VIDEO}

Jamaican children are suffering at the hands of their parents, mainly mothers who dole out brutal forms of corporal punishment.

According to the Child Development Agency (CDA), infants as young as six months have been burnt with hot irons, chopped with knives or machetes, soaked with boiling water, or severely beaten with electrical cords.

The agency made the revelations in an investigative report by the Jamaica Gleaner newspaper at the height of public outrage of the video showing a mother beating her daughter with a machete.

Doreen Dyer, 44, has since been charged with cruelty to a child. The matter will be heard in court on November 15.

The CDA said the level of physical abuse children endured was worrying and, more so, the types of implements being used.

According to the CDA’s chief executive officer Rosalie Gage-Grey, from January to September of this year, the Investigations Unit received 10,267 cases; in 2016, the unit received 12,804. Of the number of cases received since the start of 2017, there was an increase in physical abuse.

“Based on reports received by the CDA’s Investigations Unit during the period 2016-2017, there is an overall increase which is at alarming levels,” he said.

She told the Gleaner that when investigators visit scenes of abuse, they are shocked by the visible scars on the bodies of children.

“We have seen pictures of babies with scars on every inch of their skin, cuts on faces, arms, legs and this is not right,” Gage-Grey said.

She explained that children were often punished for not acting on commands quickly enough, purchasing the wrong items when sent on errands, not doing homework, or being too noisy.

Gage-Grey said CDA investigators were traumatized in some cases and she insisted that the offending parents should be brought to justice.

Counselling psychologist Dr Patrece Charles attributed the social ill to Jamaica’s culture of corporal punishment.

She pointed that a majority of the parents who abuse their children were also victims of abuse.

“The cycle of abuse they are exposing their children to was taught. They don’t know a way to discipline or manage their emotions,” she said.

Another expert, child and family therapist Dr Beverley Scott expressed concern that the children are traumatized by the abuse and carry the effects of the childhood experiences throughout life.




The Jamaican teenager at the centre of a vicious beating that went viral on social media recently, is upset that her mother will face the law courts. And both government and opposition spokespeople say the incident points to deeper issues that must be addressed.

Doreen Dyer, 44, was arrested and charged with cruelty to a child and will appear in the St Thomas Parish Court next week over the incident in which she beat her 13-year-old daughter with a machete last year.

At the height of strong public outrage, the girl told a talk show on Hitz 92 FM, a local radio station, that her mother was one of the best in the world and she felt bad about the developments.

Another daughter also rushed to her mother’s defence. Sheryl Jones, 21, told the media that since the video went viral, many people were wrongfully accusing her mother whom she said “don’t normally beat”.

Spokesman on youth and culture for the Opposition People’s National Party, Damion Crawford, also said that Jamaicans were pointing fingers in the wrong direction.

Crawford, who visited the community where the family lives to investigate the circumstances surrounding the ordeal, contended that while the child was a victim of physical abuse, the parent was also a victim of the Jamaican culture of discipline and the inability to receive legitimate assistance with child rearing.

“Everyone has confirmed that this is not an often occurrence. They’ve confirmed that the lady is almost like the mother for the community; the person who seeks to bail the young people from jail or out of trouble. So, it’s unfortunate that without adequate information, the call has been for imprisonment, which benefits neither child nor parent. The main villain, in my opinion, was the adult who chose to capture [the video] rather than intervene,” Crawford told the Jamaica Gleaner newspaper.

He called for the State to re-socialize the mother, rather than criminalize her.

Meanwhile, State Minister with responsibility for youth in the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information, Floyd Green, expressed concern about the video but said the case highlighted the need for greater parental intervention and guidance.

The Child Development Agency said the girl underwent counseling and is being cared for by relatives.

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Comment by Donique Whonder on October 12, 2017 at 3:52pm
Are you familiar with dancehall lifestyle, if not do a little research, watch some videos and you will see how the women dress and behave in them, that will bring me back to "she is a product of her environment" again mommy may be struggling and punishing her child the only way she know how but a woman with with a vast amount of self respect would not step outside her home like that to behave like that. So this speak volumes. Explicit behavior is a big thing in jamaican culture and music. The both of them need iyana to fix their life if they want better.
Comment by Empress of Jah on October 12, 2017 at 3:06pm
Well said Donique Whonder!
Comment by mr1stroke on October 12, 2017 at 2:32pm

 Donique Whonder so if the problem is because she is in jamaica, how do you explain the 12 and 13 years old online twerking, showing their body to men, how about the one who are online selling their bodies at 15 and 16 years old in america, now whats the excuse for all, and is as a mother you feel she is wrong why dont you tell us what should be the proper channel since you said i was using my self as an example, well do use your kids and your self, give us a general solution and also tell me how is that working for the other little girls we are seeing online everyday?

Comment by Donique Whonder on October 12, 2017 at 2:25pm
I dont disagree with your points i agree with many of them but you still not gonna convince me that this type of action is ok. Maybe it worked for you. You are a male, and you carry a different mentality than many maybe that is why you were able to come out on the better end. Little girls are gentle creatures by nature they will become what they are trained to become. Whether this is a learning experience for many or not she did not deserve it. You using yourself as example you are not and dont sound like a 13 year old growing up in Jamaica. You cant compare your life to anyone else. Every mother struggle but if you mentally strong enough you try different things with your children that you didnt get so that they can be better. So no matter what way you put it. Maybe what is happening to this mother and child right now is what they need to realize "we cant continue to live like this"
Comment by mr1stroke on October 12, 2017 at 2:13pm

Donique Whonder its very simple to break but no one wants to hear or try, every one wants to talk at each other, not to each other, black people are the same to each other as white people are to black people, we have never sit down and have a conversation and look at the essence of the problem, now we have women who continue to  have babies for the same type of men they are saying that are no good, now if you know those men are no good, what do you expect to have

there are no father figures in those home so therefore if you cant do the job alone you will raised a boy that will look up to those same type of men on the streets which is why they join gangs, they will be the same and worse by going out and pop babies on their own, which is why so many young kids are having kids, you have little girl that are insecure being raise by irresponsible women or those women who dont have the time they are too busy working, those little girls are looking for father figures or male attention so they will do anything to please a boy or an older men

those young girls are doing the same thing they go out and pop babies for men they dont even know so the legacy continues which remain a cursed that will not be broken, the only one that can break it is us, you can do the analysis in every race there are baby mamas, but black women are the only group of women who are not married and cant be married, you might find 10 wives out of 100 women the rest will be side chicks, baby mamas or just single, because black women do not have family values they go out and get pregnant for their own interest some of them dont even want the baby, but no one can tell a black woman about her wrong as soon as someone do they will say that we are bashing, we hate women, or we are angry and have been hurt

so the many black men who are out there dont even take the time to talk to black women about what is important, they just feed them bullshit with what they want to hear, those men cannot tell a black women what is wrong and how they can work it they even afraid to show those women how much they care, so they sleep around, get them pregnant and move on to the next. every black men will tell you the first problem with a black woman is her attitude, her mouth its hard to compromise with a black woman, now black women are so desperate they are running to every body else and any one else but a black man for love and also financial support

as soon as black women get tired of tired of being tired and turn to the only one that can love her, and the black men sit down and start to show concern things will start changing, stop sleeping around with those men without protection, do not get pregnant unless a ring is in the picture, and also know when to walk if at some point there is no talk about plans for the future in the relationship, you cannot be committed if the future is not part of the plan, that is not a commitment and also that person do not value you, but you must value your self, black women have a lot to work out among their selves, because at the end of the day they are the one ending with those bay bay kids. Those are some of the key factor that can help break the spell

Comment by mr1stroke on October 12, 2017 at 1:57pm

when you are being raised rights and have many strong people behind you humiliation is the best weapon against you. i grew up in community where every one knew each other, went to the same church, one day i was fighting a kid and my grand ma friends saw that she went home and told my grand mother, by time i reached the porch one of her sandal echo in my left ear without explanation, all i heard was get my ass inside and got an ass whupping of the week, the next day my grand mother came to the class room and told me to stand up and apologize to the kids that i fought, that was the most humiliating event in my life since i was the popular kid that every one listened to and followed, because i have respect and fear for my grand ma i went and apologize the next day we set a fight i caught him and whup his ass in front of every one at a secret location did a ddt on him so i could keep my street creds

today people have phones that can film a movie yet they are still afraid of those kids, those parents see their kids act fools online they are doing nothing to those kids, those are not parents, they need to be locked up, so yes i applaud that mother, i have a daughter i can just look at her and she understands me, i will make sure my kid is raised differently from that slave life where we are living in a box, parents will invest $1000 in an iphone in the hood for their kids but wont invest in class and provide some skills for their kids, this is sad

Comment by Donique Whonder on October 12, 2017 at 1:57pm
How will this curse be broken though by them continuing the same habits that cause them to be in this same current situation
Comment by mr1stroke on October 12, 2017 at 1:49pm

 Donique Whonder i do understand what you are saying and is not going against your views especially if you are a parent and they are working for you, now with that said i stand firm by observing the situation and being a young i have slept with women younger than i am, my age and older for different reasons and all have different mentality, there are lots of young girls running around in our time who have daddy issues.

if you look at the situation you can tell she is impressing her friend, she wants to do it for the camera so when a mother sees that she is taking action we have to give her credit by trying, sitting around doing nothing is way worse than doing something that can at least make her think twice if she has good influence, by looking at that situation she comes home to a mother that is disciplining her, which can already tell us she is a single mom, so lets put aside all other negatives and give her the credit, at leasts she is doing something, she is trying, she wants good for that little girl if thats all she can do lets support her, lets give her the thunbs up for one who is standing up, here in America what im seeing is total nonsense, mothers who are doing worse than their kids, scared of their kids, who has never laid eyes on their kids home work and teachers, they let their kids do as they please if only someone can humiliate those kids just may be we would have a better community

Comment by Donique Whonder on October 12, 2017 at 1:24pm
Mr 1 stroke kids must get they ass beat from time to time but when children begin to behave in this manner that draws attention to the fact that her training is not good. Whatever she is exposed to that make her feel it is ok to show her breast is not good. Whatever i as a parent have been doing is not good enough. It is time to take proper action. Humiliating a young girl in front of people with a weapon is not the way to stop the road she is going down sooner or later you gonna find her up the road fighting other girls her age because the woman in her life that is supposed to be leading the way can only demonstrate how to be violent and vulgar.
Comment by mr1stroke on October 12, 2017 at 12:31pm
Ok look at the behavior of that young girl, she is strictly disciplining her daughter, people needs to learn the responsibility of parenting, instead of having their heads stuck up thre white men ass and following their rules, if every mothers in America start doing rhe same thing may be we would have less babies on these streets, less gang members and the community would be a place to stay instead of some of us moving out once life gets better, even the dog god some for miss behaving lol
Down south my grand ma used her sandals, shoes, abd frying pan to whup our asses, broome stick or we had to get the switch pur selves, it was not a game, now i love her kust because of that, some of those people who are against that mother have kids who will not live to be 18, if you are such good parents and you love your kids unconditionally tell me the result of raising kids without discipline, what will happen if he or she make it to adult hood?






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