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BREAKING: Camille Cosby Filing To DIVORCE Bill Cosby

BREAKING: jury finds Bill Cosby GUILTY on ALL counts


Camille Cosby is divorcing Bill Cosby - no wthat he's been convicted of rape. MTO News just learned that Camille is preparing to file a "Blockbuster Divorce" against her longtime husband - according to Radar Online.

Camille Cosby, 74, has had enugh and is set to cut ALL TIES with her convicted rapist husband Bill, 80.

Here's what Radar Online is reporting:

Radar Online has learned exclusively Bill Cosby’s wife Camille has finally ditched the shamed comedian — and now that she’s escaped from the sex perv’s lair, the pair are quickly hurtling toward a blockbuster divorce!

The humiliated wife of convicted rapist fled their Pennsylvania mansion, leaving the comedy sicko pleading with her to return as he wallows in solitary confinement!

“He literally is home alone,” a source spilled to Radar exclusively, noting the estranged couple now live separate lives. “She even took the staff with her!”

BET also had some tea on the situation saying that:

Radar Online also, "specified that Camille settled herself into the couple's Massachusetts hideaway with their chef, multiple drivers and a house manager. Also, she reportedly had some family support as their three grown kids joined her in leaving. They allegedly have not visited their 80-year-old father, Bill, in months."


California scraps statutes of limitations for rape amid Bill Cosby case

Jury asks to re-hear testimony from Bill Cosby's star witness

  • Jury deliberations in Bill Cosby's sexual assault retrial went into their second day on Wednesday at Montgomery County Courthouse in Norristown, Pennsylvania
  • Cosby is accused of drugging and sexually assaulting Andrea Constand in 2004
  • Jury started deliberations on Wednesday by re-hearing the entire testimony of defense star witness, Marguerite 'Margo' Jackson
  • Before the jury settled into the reading Judge Steven T O'Neill said he was giving alternate jurors an hour with Montgomery Court of Common Pleas' comfort dog
  • Cosby stands accused on three counts of aggravated indecent assault, and each charge carries a maximum penalty of ten years 
  • The verdict on each charge must be unanimous - something that proved impossible for jurors in the first trial 
  • The first trial ended in a mistrial when they declared themselves 'hopelessly deadlocked' after close to 53 hours of deliberation

Bill Cosby has been found guilty of drugging and sexually assaulting Andrea Constand.

Judge Steven T O'Neill repeatedly called for order as the court erupted as the jury delivered its shock verdict, unanimously finding Cosby guilty on all three counts of aggravated sexual assault: administering an intoxicant, rendering his victim unconscious and penetrating her without consent.

The seven men and five women reached their verdict after 14 hours of deliberation and a trial lasting 14 days.

Constand was in court to hear the verdict read. The alternate jurors filed into the back of the gallery.

O'Neill requested everyone to respect the decorum order that has been in place throughout the trial and to keep order as the verdict was delivered.

The 80-year-old actor now faces spending the rest of his life in prison as each count carries a sentence of up to ten years imprisonment.

Camille Cosby pictured outside court before invoking spousal privil...

Bill Cosby walks into Montgomery County Courthouse in Norristown, Pennsylvania, for the second day of jury deliberations in his sexual assault retrial

Bill Cosby walks into Montgomery County Courthouse in Norristown, Pennsylvania, for the second day of jury deliberations in his sexual assault retrial

Exhausted jurors ended day one of its considerations after rehearing excerpts from Cosby’s old deposition evidence

Exhausted jurors ended day one of its considerations after rehearing excerpts from Cosby's old deposition evidence

Cosby stands accused on three counts of aggravated indecent assault, and each charge carries a maximum penalty of ten years

Cosby stands accused on three counts of aggravated indecent assault, and each charge carries a maximum penalty of ten years

Cosby, pictured with spokesman Andrew Wyatt, is accused of drugging and raping Andrea Constand in his suburban Philadelphia home in 2004Cosby accuser Lili Bernard let out a sob as the foreperson delivered the guilty verdict on each charge.

O'Neill thanked the jury for their service, 'for removing themselves from their families and lives.' He told them 'you have sacrificed much for you country and justice.'

Cosby did not react he sat in silence eyes cast down. His wife was not in court.

Andrew Wyatt, Cosby's spokesperson who has spoken so vehemently in the disgraced actor's defense throughout the trial, sat in stunned silence.

He leaned forward in his seat his face a mask of misery.

O'Neill discharged the jury at 1.55pm.

The verdict is a devastating blow to Cosby's lead attorney, Thomas Mesereau - the man famous for securing Michael Jackson's acquittal in 2005.

But it is vindication for Constand, the five other accusers who testified in this case and the more than 60 others who claim to have been assaulted by Cosby over the years.

It is a career-saving victory for Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin Steele who rode to election on his promise to bring Cosby to justice.

Last June jurors failed to reach a verdict after hearing Constand's testimony that she lost consciousness after taking three little blue pills from Cosby who told her they were 'her friends' and would help her relax.

She claimed Cosby then digitally penetrated her and assaulted her while she was immobile and 'could not fight him off.'

After close to 53 hours of deliberation they remained 'hopelessly deadlocked' and O'Neill was forced to declare a mistrial.

Back then Steele vowed to re-try the case and promised that the re-trial would not be a re-run of the first.

And at the beginning this seemed to be true of both the prosecution and the defense.

For a start there actually was a defense. Cosby's previous defense led by Brian McMonagle, assisted by Angela Agrusa lasted just six minutes.

McMonagle painted Constand as a bitter ex-lover out to punish Cosby when their affair went south. 

'It's a relationship,' he bellowed in his closing statement as he urged the jury to 'end this madness'. 

This time Cosby had switched out McMonagle and Agrusa for a superannuated team led by Los Angeles attorney Thomas Mesereau, famous for getting Michael Jackson acquitted in 2005.

Joined by co-counsel Kathleen Bliss, Becky James, Lane Vines and associates Rachael Robinson, Jaya Gupta and Jason Hicks their sheer numbers made them a formidable presence. 

More than 50 women have accused the disgraced comedian, 80, of sexual assault and misconduct

More than 50 women have accused the disgraced comedian, 80, of sexual assault and misconduct

As Cosby walked into the courtroom on Wednesday morning, he appeared to have a tight smile on his face
As Cosby walked into the courtroom on Wednesday morning, he appeared to have a tight smile on his face

Andrea Constand was in court on Wednesday (pictured above) as the jury started its deliberations

According to Mesereau, a striking courtroom figure with his mop of snow-white hair, honeyed voice and hand-tailored suits, this case was all about 'money, money and lots more money'. 

Constand was a manipulative 'con-artist' out to extort a lonely old man.

He even had a witness - Marguerite Margo Jackson previously excluded on the grounds that Constand had claimed not to know her - who would tell the jury that Constand once shared an idea to falsely claim that a celebrity had assaulted her for the sole purpose of bringing a lucrative lawsuit.

That was always her plan according to the defense. And when she brought a civil suit and settled for $3.4 million in 2006, Mesereau crowed, 'She pulled it off'. 

He said the prosecution's attempt to depict Constand as 'some innocent babe in the woods' who naively took drugs from Cosby that night was ludicrous.

According to Mesereau she was a woman whose dreams fame and fortune had fallen flat. A career in sports broadcasting had come to nothing.

She was a misfit with a history of drug issues and financial problems, who stiffed former roommates on credit card and utility bills and once ran a pyramid scheme with her then close friend Sheri Williams.

The prosecution team was the same - Steele, deputy District Attorney M Stewart Ryan and Kristen Feden who is now in private practice in Philadelphia but returned as a special prosecutor.

But where last time O'Neill had permitted just one of the more than 60 other women to have accused Cosby of sexual assault to testify, this time he admitted five.

The first to testify to his 'prior bad acts' was Heidi Thomas. She was a 24-year-old aspiring actress and model when, in 1984, Cosby invited her to a remote ranch house in Nevada with the promise of mentoring her. Asked to do a 'cold read' of a drunk woman he offered her a glass of wine to use as a prop.

She said she lost consciousness after sipping the Chablis and had only 'snapshots' of memories of the next four days. 

She recalled him on top of her trying to force himself into her mouth. And she remembered her head at the bottom of a bed and his voice telling her 'your friend's going to c** again'.   


(AP Photo/Matt Rourke, Pool)

California has voted to get rid of the 10-year statute of limitations on filing rape and rape-related charges.
On Wendesday, Governor Jerry Brown approved the legislation, which will go into force next year and will eliminate the statute of limitations for certain future rape and child molestation cases.
While the decision comes after the highly publicized rape and sexual assault accusations made against comedian Bill Cosby, it will not apply to the women who have come forward to accuse Cosby of assaulting them, as the law will not reopen cases where the statute of limitations has already passed.
The bill was sent on to the governor without a single dissenting vote, a feat that State Senator Connie Leyva said was thanks to advocates who lobbied politicians and who “kept the fight alive for the countless rape victims that have already spoken up and also those that have yet to come forward.”
She went on to say in a statement that the bill “tells every rape and sexual assault victim in California that they matter and that, regardless of when they are ready to come forward, they will always have an opportunity to seek justice in a court of law.”
“Rapists should never be able to evade legal consequences simply because an arbitrary time limit has expired.”

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Comment by Big Shot... on June 18, 2018 at 9:27am

This is another big LIE! People are making up stories for clicks! Attempting to pimp this man yet again, for some "Lame" so called Hot Topic news story.. 




Comment by Cleverboy on June 15, 2018 at 8:51am
Bill is innocent. This women askënd for the wood. But one looking for a payout. GOLDIGGERS.
Comment by theafricanunion on June 15, 2018 at 3:40am
Comment by mr1stroke on June 14, 2018 at 11:13pm
Comment by HandsomeMan on June 14, 2018 at 10:04pm

Stroklyn just love attention.

If 3 hrs ago aol said she may have moved out its possible some truth to it even though they are denying it.

A possible move so he does not have to pay the hoes who suing him.

Comment by mr1stroke on June 14, 2018 at 6:07pm

the idiots from caribean fever are usless, they have got to be the worse morons ever, and for those who glorify this site this is your proof, may be you can ask the person who post this article where exactly did they coiped it from, and have they done their research, because this site is suppose to porvide information to its members which are target of caribbean people, do the journalist of caribbean fever did their research, this is sad how lazy and uselsess negros can be, see if for yoru self folks, the article says it was posted by the caibean fever lol dont be mad at me, or you can except and spread the lies and look like a fool when people ask you where the hell you heard that from

Comment by CARIBBEAN QUEEN on June 14, 2018 at 5:54pm


Comment by Cleverboy on June 14, 2018 at 2:50pm
Lies, lies, lies...Camille is not divorcing Bill.
Comment by caribmama on June 14, 2018 at 1:41pm


Comment by mr1stroke on April 27, 2018 at 5:52pm
vaughn mitchell white people are not the problem the problem is black people and negros combine, because there are more negros around black folks we come to realize that they are more loyal to white and will never appreciate what's black, they are never loyal to any black people that are good to them, so they have to agree with white people and help throw a black man under the bus. Is it like slavery it started with our own brothers selling us to captivity and white people will continue to capitalize of black men and also always keep us down by giving us a lil of what they stole from us, now do any one knows how long they have been tried to get the Cosby catalogues, including shows, plays, movies and audio, well they will sell it back to black people and they will buy it, niggers are cursed those me too Women are the new kkk and they are paid by the poweful and money, they used a n***** who used to be on the a
Show to protest and bring him down

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