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The cognitive test President Trump did for his medical exam, earning a perfect score - but can YOU do it? Try it out for yourself

This is what the alternating trail making section looks like on the form

  • Trump underwent the Montreal Cognitive Assessment (or, MoCA)
  • It is a 10-minute, one-page test which was designed in 1996, and is now the industry standard
  • The test assesses concentration, attention, memory, language,…

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Jamaica’s women bobsledders qualify for Winter Olympics

Jamaica's bronze medal-winning female team of Jazmine Fenlator-Victorian (left) and Carrie Russell share a photo opportunity.

The Jamaica Bobsleigh & Skeleton Federation (JBSF) today announced that it will be sending a women’s team to the Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympic Games in South Korea next month.



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Girl, 17, so starved that she looked like a 10-Y-O escaped California house of horrors through a window so she could save her shackled siblings by showing photos

Two parents are arrested as their 13 emaciated children aged between two and 29 are found chained and shackled in a filthy house after a 17-year-old girl escaped and called police

'Things 1 to 13': The family are seen in Dr Seuss-style shirts, and all in blue jeans, in a family photo posted in April 2016

  • Girl, 17, escaped the home in Perris, California on Sunday by climbing through a window
  • Teenager fled the property and called 911 with a…

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Actor Aziz Ansari accused of sexual assault, sparks debate on Twitter


Actor and comedian Aziz Ansari is the latest celebrity to be accused of sexual assault. His accuser is an anonymous, 23-year-old photographer and she says that he assaulted her after they went on a date.

She told her story to Babe and recounted how she met the Master of None actor at a party before decided to go on a date with him. The evening didn’t go the way she thought it would, in fact, she says…


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Hawaii Panics After Alert About Incoming Missile Is Sent in Error

An image of the alert sent to cellphones on Saturday morning.

An early-morning emergency alert mistakenly warning of an incoming ballistic missile attack was dispatched to cellphones across Hawaii on Saturday, setting off widespread panic in a state that was already on edge because of escalating tensions between the United…


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Drake Hits 6 Billion For Second Year Straight As Rap Dominates Streaming


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April Ryan presses Trump: ‘Mr. President, are you a racist?’ {VIDEO}

April Ryan  

While reporters tried to press President Donald Trump over his racist “shithole” comment, White House correspondent April Ryan cut straight to the chase.

“Mr. President, are you a racist,” Ryan…


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5 Black women who can run for president other than Oprah - If we don’t consider Oprah, rest assured these women can lead us to victory in 2020

Oprah Winfrey is all the talk this week after her powerful and moving Golden Globes speech. To many, it served as a rallying call for change in culture, power, and male oppression over women’s bodies.…


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1980s R&B Singer Peabo Bryson and His GORGEOUS YOUNG WIFE Just Had A BABY TOGETHER! He’s 66-Y-O

Peabo Bryson, 66, and his 34-year-old wife Tanya Boniface Bryson just gave birth to their first child together.

Tanya, who is from England, was also a singer. She was a member of the English girl group, The 411, from 2003 to 2008.

Nowadays Tanya is a waxing specialist at an…


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What do you think about this 'CUSSING PASTOR' {VIDEO}


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16 DEAD, 24 MISSING and 300 TRAPPED in California mudslides: Oprah's 50M estate is among the homes overwhelmed by 'river of mud' in upmarket neighborhood

A 14-year-old girl from Santa Barbara who was swept away in her home by a mudslide in California was saved by rescuers who heard her screaming in the wreckage

  • The bodies of 15 people have been found in Montecito after mudslides devastated the wealthy coastal town 
  • Another person died in Los Angeles County as a result of the severe weather, according to authorities 
  • Montecito is home to such celebrities…

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Protesters trash H&M stores in South Africa over ‘monkey’ hoodie ad {VIDEO}

H&M apologises for using black child to model ‘monkey’ hoodie

Protesters trashed some H&M stores in South Africa after the clothing company ran a controversial ad of a black child…


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Man overdoses on Viagra in airport, strips naked, hurls poo at everyone {VIDEO}

The man walks about in the nude. 

A man swallowed too many Viagra and rampaged naked through an airport, screaming nonsense at people – before hurling lumps of his own poo at passers-by.

Steve Cho, 27, from New York, had to be subdued by six airport security guards in Phuket…


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Uncle Murda - "Rap Up 2017"

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Trinidad & Tobago Set To Elect First Female Head of State


Trinidad and Tobago looks set to get its first female President, with a judge nominated to succeed Anthony Carmona as the next head of state.

Meantime, another female jurist will today become…


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'You’ve been part of the problem for decades': Seal slams Oprah for 'ignoring rumors' against Harvey Weinstein and says she's an example of 'sanctimonious Hollywood' after her Golden Globes speech

Trump once admitted Oprah ‘knows how to win,’ wanted her as running mate {VIDEO}

Chummy: Oprah and Harvey Weinstein at the 19th Annual Critics' Choice Movie Awards at Barker Hangar on January, 2014 in Santa Monica, California

  • The singer Seal lashed out at Oprah Winfrey following her inspirational Globes speech which focused on the plight of sex abuse victims
  • Seal accused the media maven of knowing about the rumors against Harvey Weinstein and ignoring them in an Instagram…

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Ice-covered fire escape causes Chicago to close street section {VIDEO} This is what FREEZING cold looks like

Part of a Chicago street was closed over the weekend due to the danger of falling ice.

A broken sprinkler system on an upper floor of a building caused the front to become covered in ice.

The exact cause of the water leak was not known, but the leak caused water to spill from a top floor down the front of the building, which then froze and encased a…


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Shocking VIDEO shows DOZENS of Brazilian prisoners queuing up to snort COCAINE off a table at a party organised by one of the gangs controlling the jail

It is believed that the video was shot at a party organised by one of the gangs that control the prison

  • Inmates wait their turn to snort cocaine off a table littered with the class A drug
  • The video was filmed behind the bars of the main prison in Poro Alegre in Brazil
  • Police have confirmed they are investigating the drug…

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Jay Z: ‘We must use our platforms to demand social justice’

Jay Z: We must use our platforms to demand social justice entertainment Jay Z

One in 10 Deaths Worldwide Caused By Smoking

Bill O'Reilly accuser says host called her 'hot chocolate'

Married pastor, 57, with 10 children who called gays 'sinners' after Orlando shooting is convicted of making 15-year-old boy and girl have sex in front of him before joining in

Pastor who called gays sinners convicted of child abuse


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