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November 2016 Blog Posts (152)

Teacher arrested after breaking the jaw of boy, 7, and knocking out two of his teeth as he 'disciplined him for being disruptive in class'{VIDEO}

City Springs Elementary School teacher arrested for breaking boy's jaw in class

(CNN screen capture)

A Baltimore tutor is being investigated by police after a 7-year-old boy in his care suffered a fractured jaw and two missing teeth after the tutor allegedly threw the boy against a wall for misbehaving.…


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Chimamanda on feminism, raising a daughter, etc. Do you agree?

Acclaimed Nigerian born novelist Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie (author of "Americanah," "Purple Hibiscus," recipient of a MacArthur "genius" grant, author of the popular Ted Talk "We Should All Be Feminists"), recently posted on FaceBook her views on feminism, raising a daughter, etc. …


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vicious SQUIRREL takes on a SNAKE in an epic battle that doesn’t end how you would expect

Starving: The desperate rodent came back for more, sinking its teeth into the snake as it repeatedly bit the squirrel in frantic deference

  • Squirrels normally eat nuts, plants and seeds but eat meat if hungry 
  • One got so peckish that it sank its teeth into a snake sparking fight 
  • Vicious battle ensued which involved biting, hissing and…

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Rihanna teases Prince Harry as they take HIV tests together to mark World Aids Day in Barbados

LIVE LINK to Barbados’ 50th Anniversary of Independence Celebrations as Rihanna meets Prince Harry

The prince has been campaigning for a number of months to encourage more people to come forward and be tested for the illness, which can now be managed with drugs

  • Prince Harry and Rihanna have taken the HIV tests for World Aids Day as part of his tour of the island
  • The tests, taken in Bridgetown, Barbados, took just minutes to come back as negative for the two…

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Is this the first written mention of Jesus? 2,000-year-old lead tablets found in remote cave ARE genuine, claim researchers

2k-year-old lead tablets found in remote cave ARE genuine, claim researchers

  • The lead pages, bound like a ring binder, were first discovered in 2008  
  • The tablets suggest that Christ was not starting his own religion, but restoring a thousand-year-old tradition from the time of King David 
  • They also…

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HIV-Positive Jamaican Who Had Unprotected Sex With Women To Face Charges In Canada

extradited An HIV-positive Jamaican man has lost a legal battle to prevent his extradition to Canada to face numerous sex crimes.

George Flowers failed in his bid when the Court of Appeal struck out his notice of appeal recently.

Flowers, who is wanted by the Canadian government, is being extradited to face 12 counts of aggravated sexual assault.…


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3 Dead, 5 Sickened after eating Thanksgiving meal served by church


Health officials in California are working to determine if a Thanksgiving meal served by a church has caused three deaths and sickened five other people.

The American Legion Hall in Antioch served the meal, which was hosted by Golden Hills Community Church and was meant to give a Thanksgiving meal to seniors and homeless people and others who would be alone during the holidays, according to Contra Costa Public…


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Mindy is a student at the University at Buffalo Medical School, and she’s getting a TON of support online. Not just for her schooling, and her…

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T.I. Explains Why He Walked Away From Marriage With Tiny

Here’s What Tiny Thinks About T.I. Dissing Their ‘Distracting’ Marriage {VIDEO}

T.I. has broken his silence while giving some hints at why he walked away from his marriage with Tiny.

Since the season finale of their reality TV show “The Family Hustle”, fans of the rapper have been begging him on social media to repair his marriage. But so far TIP has not budged and has…


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Write what I told you...

There aren’t numerous US mass media news sources at all; there are just five. Five giant corporations control 90 percent of US mass media.
Direct links connect all five of these media conglomerates to the political establishment and the economic and…

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56-Y-O man who developed keloids after a hot shave at the barber 12 YEARS ago finaly has debilitating growths removed thanks to strangers' donations after insurance refused to cover it

Barber visit leaves man with life-altering condition insurance won’t cover {VIDEO}

Man has keloids removed thanks to strangers' donations

  • Keith Crowell, of Milwaukee, developed keloids on his skin 12 years ago after being nicked during a shave at the barber shop
  • Keloids are when excess skin form over scars or wounds …

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Trump says U.S. flag-burning should be punishable by 'loss of citizenship or year in jail' as he hints at support for a new Constitutional amendment to override the Supreme Court - Do you agree?

Trump says US flag burning should be punishable by 'loss of citizenship or year in jail'

  • Donald Trump tweeted that 'Nobody should be allowed to burn the American flag - if they do, there must be consequences - perhaps loss of citizenship or year in jail!'
  • His spokesman Jason Miller defended that position without offering specifics: 'It's terrible and it's despicable'…

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2016 ‘Best Year’ for African Americans in film

(Photo: David Lee/Paramount Pictures/A24 Films)

On Monday, the African American Film Critics Association released a statement saying that 2016 had been the best year for the black community on the film screen both in terms of casting and storylines.

“The studios and major film distributors really gave it to us this year,” AAFCA co-founder and president Gil Robertson said. “By any measurement, it’s been an exceptional year for Blacks in film. From comedies…


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75 Dead, 6 Survive After Plane Carrying Brazilian Soccer Team Crashes Into Colombian Mountains (Video/Pics)

Chapecoense goalkeeper Danilo in Colombia plane crash called his wife moments before he

  • Plane carrying 81 including top flight Brazil football team Chapecoense has crashed in Colombia mountains
  • The aircraft crashed after…

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Dying chimpanzee recognises the man who used to care for her and is overjoyed to see him {VIDEO}

This Little Girl Grew Up With This Gorilla… But Watch When They’re Reunited 12 Years Later.

Mama, the 59-year-old former matriarch at Royal Burgers Zoo in the Netherlands, was curled up in a ball and refusing food until the arrival of Professor Jan van Hooff, who she had known since 1972

  • Mama, 59, had been matriarch at Royal Burgers Zoo, Arnhem in the Netherlands
  • But in April 2016, she was terminally ill and refusing food and water while dying
  • Then her old friend, Professor…

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Twitter reacts to awkward photo of Rihanna’s white co-star touching her hair

Rihanna's Bathtub Pic - Is it sweet or inappropriate? (Instagram)

An awkward photo of Rihanna and Sarah Paulson is going viral and quickly becoming a meme.

The photo shows Paulson touching one of Rihanna’s fake locs, and the look on Rihanna’s face alone makes the picture. But the captions being added to the image are just golden.

“I just think that all lives matter and it’s not a race…


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Who is Behind “Fake News”? Mainstream Media Uses' Fake Videos and Images


The mainstream corporate media is desperate.

They want to suppress independent and alternative online media, which it categorizes as “fake news”. 

Readers on…


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Gardasil, the vaccine that supposedly protects youngsters against four types of human papillomavirus, or HPV, and the cervical cancer which it can lead to, has come under intense scrutiny from medical professionals around the world over the past few years. This is due to the fact that a number of cases reporting…

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Ohio state knifeman ranted about how he was 'sick and tired of seeing my fellow Muslim brothers being killed and tortured' on social media hours before wounding 11

9 People Injured, Suspect Dead Following Machete & Car Attack At Ohio State University (Video)

Ohio State University assailant dead and multiple people injured at Columbus campus

  • Abdul Razak Ali Artan has been identified as the assailant behind a stabbing attack at OSU's Columbus campus Monday morning
  • He has been described as a Somali refugee and a logistics management student at the school
  • Fire alarm was pulled at…

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look at what this BULL does to this 4-wheel drive with a family in it

Tipping: The car is nearly pushed on its side by the marauding beast during a Running of the Bulls festival in Spain 

  • A rampaging bull gored a four-wheel drive and managed to lift it in the air 
  • The fiery beast caused a liquid to come out of the engine in the incident 
  • Passengers were in the car during the attack and can be seen taking cover
  • It then charged…

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Saeed Ahmad faces charges including criminally negligent homicide and leaving the scene of an accident

Patricio Manuel, first boxer to fight as a woman and man 


Jay Z: ‘We must use our platforms to demand social justice’

Jay Z: We must use our platforms to demand social justice entertainment Jay Z

One in 10 Deaths Worldwide Caused By Smoking

Bill O'Reilly accuser says host called her 'hot chocolate'

Married pastor, 57, with 10 children who called gays 'sinners' after Orlando shooting is convicted of making 15-year-old boy and girl have sex in front of him before joining in

Pastor who called gays sinners convicted of child abuse


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