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mr1stroke commented on Caribbean Fever's blog post Central Park Five Prosecutor Forced To Resign From Columbia Law School
" stephen myers  Negros are missing the facts that you listed, but to add, they cant even see how they will be absolete even in social life, june have always been black music month, but negros really dont care about that, but will…"
18 hours ago
mr1stroke commented on Caribbean Fever's blog post 50 Cent: 'Bow Wow Just Called Ciara A B*tch?
"Melinda Thompson  lol i dont get how rich a person is, money is money, and today every one is doing just about anything for money, even the rich if money was not so important to them they would walk the streets every day and throw money at the…"
mr1stroke commented on Caribbean Fever's blog post O.J. Simpson Shows Off His New Life in Las Vegas
"Lori Graham you are guilty of a lot of suff as we speak and you know it but i dont see any one accusing or judging you, now if you are an intelligent individuals how about you describe the rest of this audience how he is guilty and the proof…"
mr1stroke commented on Caribbean Fever's blog post Robin Givens Denies Howard Stern Has A Small P*nis: 'He Was A Magnificent Lover'
"Damn that b**** f***** every body"
mr1stroke commented on Caribbean Fever's blog post Florida man is charged with murder after choking and stabbing his wife to death while his eight-year-old stepson desperately called 911
"His face do looks scratch off, but why didnt he leave, and if he managed to take the knife from her why killed her, if you choke her than walk away until she wakes up and may be yall cam talk it out, well thats the reality of common sense but many…"
mr1stroke commented on Caribbean Fever's blog post O.J. Simpson Shows Off His New Life in Las Vegas
"He has the right to live his life freely like every one else, none of the people who are accusing him can show the burden of proof, until then he lives"
mr1stroke commented on Caribbean Fever's blog post Man is arrested after police find 190 gold bars worth 4.6Million hidden under the seats on private plane
"Who ever did the deal snitched on him, or one of the people around him, you can't trust no mufucker today they are all b******, do it yout self or once they snitch put a hit on each one of them"
mr1stroke commented on Caribbean Fever's blog post NYC night club under fire for racial discrimination, charging Black people more and for calling manager ‘f—ing n-gg-r’
"Now how long was that going, or how long were you accepting it, usually negros start to cry when the white folks no longer favor them, i hope youre not one of them and will justice out of it, every racists vorporations release the same statement…"
mr1stroke commented on Caribbean Fever's blog post Bow Wow Accused Of 'Stealing' 50 Cent's Money At Strip Club
"Lol that aint stealing, he gsve him the money so he chose to be smart eith it, tell those hoes to go to school and get a real job or career like the rest of us, sucking dicks, laying on your back is not a career, so he took his money to invest…"
mr1stroke commented on Caribbean Fever's blog post Man convicted of kidnapping his stepdaughter and holding her hostage for 20 YEARS while he raped and abused her, fathering nine children
"I mean if this is not the most evil act, than what is? There should be aitomatic death penalty or torture for those crimes, this is a disrespect for someone who rob a bank or other con artists mistakes comparing to those evil doers. He should get…"
mr1stroke commented on Caribbean Fever's blog post Walking With The World’s Largest Cat
"And when he eats one of them, they expect sympathy, yea okay keep walking"
mr1stroke commented on Caribbean Fever's blog post Ex-Boston Red Sox star David 'Big Papi' Ortiz was shot in a Dominican Republic bar by 'two cops hired by a drug lord who believed the baseball hero was having an affair with his wife'
"Just about every idiots are saying there are good cops, the only problem is i never met one, i always see where the other cops assist the one violating the innocents, like when that cop stole the drugs from that guy, than went to the hopistal and…"
mr1stroke commented on Caribbean Fever's blog post Ex-Boston Red Sox star David 'Big Papi' Ortiz was shot in a Dominican Republic bar by 'two cops hired by a drug lord who believed the baseball hero was having an affair with his wife'
"It doesnt matter where you go, cops are bums and criminals every where, any one who become cops had no better option in life and they have been very insecure, cops work for any one with money and powerful, especially drug dealers who can slit their…"
mr1stroke commented on Caribbean Fever's blog post Ciara & Russell Wilson Launch Reality Show!!! (Exclusive Details)
"Another check, well if youre life is important why not get pay for it, normsl people can do it too, they just dont know how"
Jun 9
mr1stroke commented on Caribbean Fever's blog post 'He put a bounty on our heads': Tearful member of the Central Park Five slams Trump for stoking public rage with a full-page newspaper ad demanding New York 'bring back the death penalty'
"That was the only reason why i didnt vote for Trump, im still trying to book my meeting with him if i can only ask him dont he thinks he owe an apology to every black mothers in America for those young men"
Jun 8
mr1stroke commented on REDD's blog post Usher Gets Giant 'illuminati' Head Tattoo - 'Looks Demonic'!
"Just about every one are selling their souls for fame and money, even the poor is doing just about anything to follow the rich, once youre choosen you have to have the mark of the beast, have you ever ask your self every pride month they fly the gay…"
Jun 8

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Merry Xmas, Happy Kwanzaa (why I Cry)


I cry for the kids In Somalia who dont have water and food to eat, the kids without medication and waiting to die, the mothers and fathers helplessly watching their dying kids and unable to do anything, I cry for the kids, men and women in Libya being sold into slavery in 2017 as the world…


Posted on December 25, 2017 at 7:30pm

A one time deal to invest, and be Part owner

Invest in punch Tv, a black media network just like BET, the share is only $1, but after the IPO open you will either have to spend more money for a share or won't be able to purchase, the target price for opening day is $50-$75 , the dead line to become a private owner Friday April 21, so this is your big chance, i dont normally share my investments sources with strangers, but since i see many of you runs your mouth on here and other people i have met on here deserve to be on the…


Posted on April 11, 2017 at 12:00pm — 68 Comments

Rest in Peace Rohan Levy

The community you love so much is the community that is destroying the promising future. On Feb. 20, 2017 Rohan Levy was shot in the head while standing in front of his home with his friends, he was pronounce dead at the hospital. An ambitious 15-year-old that was reliable, hardworking and humble, he dreamed of one day becoming an architect, he attended Williamsburg High… Continue

Posted on April 6, 2017 at 12:00pm — 5 Comments

Do Negros Know the Truth about Ice Agents, Do they know the danger? This is Urgent

I don't care what people call me, you can say what ever you want about me, but at least i take a stand every chance i get. I am a straight shooter, I talk to those who claim educated i challenge their intelligence every time i call them idiots, at the end they always prove me rights. I ask my self why do so many negros stay bragging about their…


Posted on March 2, 2017 at 10:50am — 33 Comments

Letter to my Black People in Honor of Black History Month

Back in the 60s we stood together, we marched and fight together, we made demands and got answers, today all we do is follow others, we have no concern about our situation. I am talking to the smart, the dumb and the retards you have to pick which one you are, we have are following those who are protesting but dont realize we are hurting the worst, when those celebrities are out there…


Posted on February 11, 2017 at 3:00pm — 47 Comments

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At 11:22am on April 11, 2018, Paula Belle said…
At 11:17am on April 11, 2018, Paula Belle said…
See, the thing is only ur opinion is valid. And u started with the so called DISRESPECT, which bothers me none. I believe in letting people be who they are, so that's why I'm so unbothered by all the bullshit u're spitting!!! #YOURESTILLALOWLIFE
At 11:05am on April 11, 2018, Paula Belle said…
I don't know why y'all get mad when we come to ur LAND OF OPPORTUNITY and get to places u wish u could. See, u can make something of urselves too, if u want to. So, with that being said: mr1stroke, stop talking FUCKERIES and go do something constructive with urself JACKASS!!!
At 10:59am on April 11, 2018, Paula Belle said…
At 10:57am on April 11, 2018, Paula Belle said…
Yeah, u mad now!!! Good, let ur true colors show! Stop PRETENDING to be something u're obviously not!!! #STILLAJOKE
At 9:19pm on September 4, 2017, Nahisha said…
Liz you are absolutely right. Never apologize for what you feel and experience. That's called"Life" and some people are quick to judge what they don't know nor understand. That's classic ignorance according to Webster's dictionary.
At 9:15pm on September 4, 2017, Nahisha said…
I'm done with this.
At 11:47pm on April 25, 2017, El-Bull said…

Thanks for your consideration in adding me as a friend

At 1:33pm on February 20, 2017, Liz said…
Mr 1 stroke...I apologize...I am not a feminist. I just wanted to give a little insight. I am a widow and very self sufficient. I was not looking for anyone to take from rather to enhance the life I have with them. Yes I have 1 child and I also work for our child abuse Dept for many years. Some women and men are not aware of what their lives decisions cause for their little ones...most of the time due to lack of guidance from their parents. I didn't have a child until I was 28. I thought that majority of men with kids are just using women like me at the time to impregnate then leave so I kept myself safe...I thought. I ended up marrying a man who had 3 kids previously. He gave me his heart and that was what I wanted. I didn't realize that I was judging men based on my bad experiences or knowing others who had them. He passed 3 years ago and as a single woman I knew men would judge me because I had a child. It's what negative experiences men have with the wrong woman based on looking at her physical body and forgetting to look for something deeper than that moment...js
At 9:44am on February 20, 2017, Liz said…
Mr 1 Stroke I understand your feelings about women with children. However all women who have kids are not the same. There are some women who are widows...good women who take care of their children and themselves. These same women deserve a second chance at love also. There are some women who have old fashioned values and morals and live by them. You might turn your head away because she has a child and miss out on a good woman. Also a mother would not be out advertising get herself physically. She would be acting as a mother and enjoying her kids not attempting to attract attention. Just saying.

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